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  1. Thanks Ahh Damn, was hoping it was easy to get to. Looks like it will be a job for my mechanic. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your response. Is it hard to get to and to clean? Also, just confirming by video works?
  3. Hello all Newbie here. Had my pride and joy for around 3 years now. Pretty much fully restored her even though she was pretty clean when i purchased her. Always been my dream to own a R33 GTR. Just some clean Mods, nothing crazy. Exhaust, Power FC, TIEN coil overs, pod filter and some nice TE37's.
  4. Hi all, Im fairly new to all this, i apologise if this has already been answered however i need some help. I have a 1995 r33 GTR V Spec. Fairly stock other than an exhaust, Pod filters and power FC. A few months ago, it started doing this thing on idle mainly when its warmed up: Revs normally on idle and revs just randomly pulse down slightly and then back to normal. (never to the point of turning off) My Mechanic thinks it could be a tuning issue. I have attached a video. Thank you! GTR.MP4
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