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  1. adey

    Stagea Intercooler

    The only difference is the air temp sensor!?! Jeeze... that's good. So the R33 GTR I/C tabs, hoses, pipes, and fitment all line up properly in a WGNC34? Thanks!!
  2. adey

    Stagea Intercooler

    Thanks! I noticed that the BNR32 and BCNR33 use the same (nismo) part number, but the R34 is different. Which will fit our WGNC34 Stag 260RSs? What's the difference between those two part numbers?
  3. adey

    Stagea Intercooler

    Sorry, I re-read my post and it was terribly written. Let me take another stab: What would it take to fit an R32/33/34 GTR intercooler onto my WGNC34 260RS? I wanted to know what the differences in piping, mounting points, and space/fitment are, to assess whether or not it makes sense to buy a GTR IC to modify to fit on my Stag. It seems ARC has different part numbers for the i/c kits, so I assume there are some differences. Nismo also only makes kits for the GTRs, not the Stags. Generally, there are many more options for GTR I/C kits than there are for our 260RSs. Cheers!
  4. adey

    Stagea Intercooler

    Sorry to bring an old thread back to life; anyone know what it would take for an R33 GTR (or R34 GTR) i/c to fit in a 260RS Stag? I assume the 260RS intercooler piping is different from the non-RB26 versions?
  5. Haven't been able to find a good answer (yet) so I'm reviving a dead thread -- hope that's OK! I'm taking delivery of a 2000 260RS in a couple of months, and am starting to buy parts now, especially since some of them have a month-long lead time. Does anyone have a photo (or description) of the differences between an R33 GTR intercooler and the 260RS intercooler? I imagine the tabs and piping will be different to suit the chassis, but since the car has the RB26 in it, I assume the core would be the same? How much work would it be to buy a BCNR33 kit and fit it to the WGNC34? The options for the 260RS are all thinner or smaller than their R33 equivalents, and that just doesn't sit well with me... 😅 It has an RB26DETT in it dammit, it better have a GTR intercooler too!! 😣
  6. Hey RB26 guys! Surprisingly, I can't find many recent turbo threads. Everything seems to be from 2018 and older... Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has had experience yet with the new Tomei turbos for RB26: http://www.tomei-p.co.jp/catalogue/t550b-rb26/ In due course, I'm looking to upgrade my stock twins, and am curious how these would compare to, say, a pair of EFR 6258, which they look the most similar to. What are your recommended upgrades for a target of around 350-380 kw (500-ish hp)? Reliability and (daily) drivability are my priorities, plus with very limited access to local welders (i.e. no one here does quality custom work like you can find in oz/nz or the US), it has to be fairly bolt-on so I can actually do it myself. I intend to keep stock internals, and will do fuel upgrades with the turbo, and probably a stand alone ECU as well. E85 not an option. intake/exhaust a given. Cheers!!
  7. Good stuff guys. I was looking for calipers only (to use with an even bigger, 350mm disc) but have since abandoned that route... thanks though!!
  8. Thanks guys! FWIW I've found 2 references on yahoo japan auctions of rear BNR34 discs -- not specified as V-spec discs -- that were 322mm in diameter. That doesn't mean that the sellers didn't "forget" to include the word vspec, but it's 2 data points. But, I'm pretty sure both the 300 and 322 rears were both vented rears... the R32's 296s were probably vented, too... So, the search continues...
  9. Back from the dead! Can anyone tell me if late model R34 NON-V-Specs also had 322mm rear rotors, or were the 322s only on V-specs? Thanks!!
  10. Thanks @PranK! Yeah, things easing up a bit here, although recently they've started getting on edge again. Not nearly as bad as Europe and N.America, though. Fingers crossed! Also, hi @etang789! Car photos attached! WGNC34 coming this summer...
  11. Hi SAU Community! I'm just about to join the wider GTR/RB26 ownership and so one of the first things I do, naturally, is join the forums/bbs as a way to find information and inform myself. Brief car background: 2000-2005: Mk IV GTI (2001) 2003-2005: S13 240sx hatch (1993) 2013-2019: S13 180sx (1998) 2019-current: FD3S (1999) 2020: WGNC34 (2000) With the exception of the GTI, I have worked on all of these cars myself. The thumbnail pic is my 180sx which has since been retired. Looking forward to engaging with you all!! Cheers
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