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  1. Hey Mark, Is this now 100% correct or we think it's 99%? cheers Bob
  2. Hi Guy's, Looks like the country is going into lock down (corona virus) so planning to do a major oil change on my stock R32 GT-R. Looking at using Motul ATF-1A for power steering, any good?? Motul 8100 X-Power for Engine Oil Motul Dot 3&4 for brake and clutch fluid Red line Heavy Shockproof for Gearbox Diff oils??? need help any advice would be appreciated on the list above Thx Bob
  3. Thanks Randy, not clear on the blank between the S and AA ,GTR registry quotes V-Spec 17" Tyre but X clearly states its a GTR not a V-Spec only 3 V-spec's in 09/92 as per GTR registry? what's your take on that info? cheers, bob
  4. Can some one do a FAST check on my 32R model: BNR32-221852 any info would be great, Km traveled in Jap (last rego check) options included etc... thanks in advance
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