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  1. I'm in NZ so don't have the issues on Ps etc.. I have all the parts of this body, the body is straight no rust anywhere.. I just want to keep my 20de cause I have it torn down ready for rebuild. I can get a full rebuild kit cheap asf cause my partner works in parts. Could also get a det block too but I'm just not sure. I don't want to put the 25 cam shaft into it, I'd rather get a det block or a +T but the boys reckon a 25 cam would be better ??‍♀️
  2. Why disappointing? I've seen plenty of 20de+t that go hard... I'm not chasing power or huge numbers. Just something fun
  3. Unsure if this is the right forum to post under.. I'm looking for opinions on whether I would be better to go 20de +T or put a 25 cam into it? My friends said 25 cam, I personally want a turbo but can't do both due to high compression? This probably makes no sense. (Sorry) just very confused.
  4. The ones that go around the top of the window and door that stop the water getting in ??‍♀️ don't quote know how to explain it...
  5. Apparently they closed as of December 2019 but thank you!!
  6. Does anyone know the part number for window/door seals or where I would find it for my 32?
  7. Bonus it's rust free too ! Thanks ?
  8. Ooh yes they are! I've got a 30e box for it but it's still sitting at the opposite end of the country.. Side note, will an auto rear half of a driveshaft work with a manual front?
  9. Nah, picked up a 20de to drop in. Just need to find a decent manual set up cause there's literally nothing in the car ?
  10. This is right when I was picking it up ....
  11. Bought a R32 shell as a project 3 days ago! 20de manual, will +t later down the track as the motor is already set up for it apparently. Started with an R33 sedan 20e auto which got crashed into an armco out drifting (not me) getting turned into a drift pig now!
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