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  1. Just took the boost t out and it’s only coming onto 5psi
  2. The whole point of the new ecu and tune was to run my car on more boost etc more power but they have left the boost t installed????? I want to go back to normal waste gate pressure but at the sametime I’m aiming for acting 11-12psi mark
  3. So I should be safe to take the boost t out without any problems to my tune etc
  4. I have a stock turbo r33 1993 model just recently as a week ago I installed a boost t to try and find the boost cut on the stock ecu in a nutshell just yesterday had a Apexi Power FC installed and tuned on the dyno reading came back with 212kw 280hpish on 9psi and slowly bleeds off after hitting 9psi , (they tuned my car with the boost t still installed, did not uninstall it and then tune it) could the boost bleed be from the boost t or something els. I was thinking about removing the t and just rec connecting the waste gate without a boost t but am afraid it will mess with my tune. Help ps I am needing information on what modifications I should do to help increase my kw/hp besides a bigger turbo lol, when I say stock r33 I mean it’s has rejacket coils a tog tdo6, 3”tbe and fronty that’s aboout it will post engine bay pictures
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