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  1. all good I've ordered a GSS342, and will install it once it arrives
  2. For me it's more the idea that, it's literally wiring that's going to be sitting in the fuel tank, and the idea of messing that up and causing a spark isn't a pleasant thought. The labour of doing the pump isn't a problem.
  3. Does anyone know of a fuel pump that I can "directly" replace the factory one with for my N/A r33 GTS. Yes I know there's upgrade kits for more pressure etc, I'm not looking to make power I just want to replace the old pump without messing around with wiring etc, just want to direct swap it for a new one whether it be oem or aftermarket that direct fits to original bracket/wires. Cheers
  4. I'd much rather do that, but I can't find any pre 95 Nissan adapters for the headunit harness.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm chucking a new headunit in the car. I've loacted what i assume is the factory connector and it doesn't look like others I've seen. I'll attach a model of what I expected in the car vs a photo of the connector that I have. Is this right/factory? I'm very new to wiring, as well as harnesses etc so If I've gotten something wrong sorry. Nissan-Wiring.pdf
  6. I'm going to go through the list of things to check/replace one by one when I get the chance. Can also confirm it's not MAF, cleaned it thoroughly with proper cleaner and check plug/pins etc everything is fine. Still got to check CAS and fuel pressure. As for getting a 'new' igniter, no idea where i'd be able to get a new oem one without paying $XXXX amounts for it.
  7. A used one from Jack Phillips, working as it should just wasn't the issue. I've captured it on video just before and will post a link shortly, it was misfiring badly, that it wouldn't go above 3500RPM, acting almost like a limiter
  8. Have installed new igniter, can confirm it did not fix the problem. Still open to suggestions as to what it can be..
  9. Just ordered a replacement then, will update post if it makes any difference.
  10. Hey everyone, so I have a 1993 Series 1 R33 GTS Coupe (N/A) that's been having a slight misfire issue for a bit now. Ill try and detail the situation in hopes for a fix. It occurs most commonly between 3200ish Rpm - 5000Rpm, however isn't occuring every time I put the foot to the floor, it comes and goes. I might drive out somewhere and it won't occur at all, then on the way home it may occur the whole time (only between said RPM range). I have already replaced the coil packs, and installed new spark plugs gapped to 0.8, new fuel filter, new thermostat (was running cold for a bit). I've read other 33's have this problem but usually they are turbo and always solve their issue by replacing coil packs or plugs.
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