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  1. Greetings everyone one looking for a GTST with sunroof that is getting parted out a bracket that held the sunroof slides back and forth is broken and needs replacing please let me know much appreciated
  2. Much appreciated everyone we got figured out thank you
  3. My GTR is equipped with an electrical latch for the trunk. is that spec for the GTR? Or it’s a special case? the reason I’m asking is because I could not find the button for it. any help would be great thank you
  4. I noticed it about 3 days later. I know for fact that it wasn't cracked prior I have heard of similar case on a 350 Z. so you are saying that the method / way used to jack the car is what caused the crack? Thank you
  5. Had to jack the car up for some maintenance yesterday. Jacked the rear by positioning the jack under the differential. jacked the front left jacked the front right do you thing this what might have caused the front windshield to crack? Please share your opinion. Thank you
  6. Took my GTR speedo cable off, and I was about to install another cable. noticed that the newer cable is about a foot shorter. after a further search I found that there is two part numbers. GTR part # 25050-05U00 GTST part # 25050-02U00 Would someone verify that please. Much appreciated.
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