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  1. thank you guys for all the input! i appreciate it! i have to send them to somebody who converts them. here's a video i found in the net (it is german tho) but if you watch it you'll understand just by watching. i dont like that he cut the inner pieces.. also i realized i have xenon lights arent they the s3 lights which are so rare... i dont want to ruin them... thats true actually 😂 but IMO it wasn't worth it paying 25k for a GTST when i could have a GTR for around 33k.... and then i got this offered and i thought why not... it is a big project but i have the time for it so i'll do step by step. the most important thing is that it runs well... the rest like painting will come later.. there is actually someone who sells 350z brembos but i didn't like that i have to drill it from 12mm to 14mm.. hmmmm... thanks for the advice tho. i've got some splitfire coils already https://www.z1motorsports.com/brakes/upgrade-kits-c-6_9_83308.html which of those do you mean? like an upgrade kit with calipers or without? (and getting the 370 calipers seperately? ahh yeah... true lol... thank you for the guide! today i'll bring the car home. the damage of the car was repaired, sealed and painted. im excited
  2. i got it for 16k (euro) i think thats pretty decent... yeah.... i might get a big brake right away.. insane how the oem gtr brake is priced.. yeah i have to read newer posts actually... about the headlights i have to convert them to RHD... they have xenon but i wont be allowed to keep it unfortunately (stupid german law) because theres missing "automatic headlight range control" and xenon wiper system to clean...
  3. yeah maybe . most posts ive read were from the early two-thousands... thats a big gap so for sure theres better stuff to get which i didn't see. yeah - can you tell its a gts brake ? if i find gtr brakes i'll get them if not i will go for some D2 big brake kit. thank you yes i am looking forward to it first thing i wanna do is just maintain it so i have a solid base. later then my plan is painting the car and forge the engine
  4. mate, did i somehow offend you ? i just told u what i've read on other posts - no need to act like this.. and i have no shifting problems i just replace all of the fluids in the car for service... unfortunaly i know noone who has a skyline and done this so i kinda have to stick to forums and experiences thank you very much for the help. i'll try to cancel the order and stick with the other stuff mentioned i also read that its very very thick oil
  5. this forum told me actually 😂 ive been reading through this and several other skyline forums and ive heard people trying other transmission oil but it ended up getting worse so they sticked with the "smurf blood" again... thanks for the advice in this forum ive read following "gearbox 4l, front diff 1l, rear diff 1.5l, xfer case 2l, attessa 0.5l, power steer 1l" "Castrol Transmax Z is also good for Power Steering and ATTESSA actuator (in the boot)."
  6. I'll do a compression test once im in the workhop again (which will be next tuesday) and then i'll bring the car home. would you put gl-4 75w-85 also into the front and rear diffs? ill remove dash anyways because it gets covered with alcantara. yeah ill stay with white so far the only color i would paint would be MNP3.. but first i'll detail the car myself and see how much you can get out of it. mine is 1995 i will search for a blend motor. ive bought some Splitfires (SF-DIS-001) yesterday. yeah bonnet needs to replaced im not a fan of carbon fibre hoods at all and the body needs to have one color overall.... i haven't found a bonnet yet i might post something that i am searching for one maybe here i am lucky... thank you Edit: i got some NGK BCPR6ES sparkplugs as well
  7. After spending the whole noon of scrolling through posts i ordered new fluids for the car Transmission: Redline 58404 Lightweight Shockproof Gear Oil-0,95L (Around 5L) Power Steering, ATTESSA & 4WD Transfer: 1-Liter-Castrol-Transmax-Z (4 L) Brake Fluid: Motul-RBF-600 (2L) Diff Oil: REDLINE-Transmission oil-75W90-API-GL-5-hochwertiges-Differential-Öl-Redline-Gear-Oil Engine Oil: Not yet ordered yet, have to ask the pre owner if he might know which oil was inside I didn't know about the Diff oil since almost everybody in different posts said something different. i'lll give this a try
  8. soo it took me some hours to write down the texts and uploading videos / pictures :)))
  9. Pictures of damage: Rest of the pictures (See the brakes ? i would never have recognized it - my friend told me its not OEM GTR) Here are pictures of the Coils and the broken plug my friend said this color would look dope on the sky (left one ) it was some mazda magmared paint but i dont like the red color on a skyline in general. what do you guys think? i thought about trying to clay and polish the car first and see the results since i love detailing. the paint is rocked down so it might need to be painted new... my friend offered me stripping out the engine and painting the complete car.. i have some paint codes in mind such as Millenium Jade, Top Secret Gold, gunmetal grey, or even oem White but the color which i love the most is the LX0 MNP 3... I think it would look dope i love the color so much😋 AC Relocated to the armrest ❓ VID_20201223_100743.mp4 what is that clicking when put ignition on 2? might it be the AC? also the guy told me that when i turn the car off in gear without handbrake the turbotimes starts. but he doesn't know where it is. i also figured out when i turn off ignition after having it on 2 while im in neutral the control lights stay on (even when i take out the key completely) VID_20201223_100501.mp4 first starting up VID_20201222_165622.mp4 didnt want to rev too high VID_20201222_204417.mp4 VID_20201222_204417.mp4
  10. Hello guys! I'm a member here for maybe 8 months and originally i wanted to get a R33 Skyline GTST. But since the prices for GTST and GTR keep going up i decided to get me a GTR. So this tuesday i went to see one which was imported here but never was registered (was in the garage for some years) I'd say the price was pretty fair but there are some things to do on the car. It had some accident in Japan and the Hicas pump was damaged and the Hicas was replaced with a elemination kit. (Hicas error code shows up in the speedometer and also the airbag lamp is on) first starting the car (i think) the crank pulley squeaked a bit. (which is gone now when starting the car) so i finished looking at the underbody and then looked at the rest of the car. On the passenger side A pillar there is some rust ( more in direction to the fender ) also a friend of mine realized on a picture that the front brake is not OEM. (It's like a smaller one 😐) i looked on usual spots to check when buying a skyline i did some research back then when i wanted to get a skyline. so i think the struts look pretty okay although i think it's just a matter of time when it starts rusting (or the rust comes up to the surface) the rear arches are good. the sills in the front are pushed in. the hood is carbon fibre but pretty F***** up and i want a stock one anyways ( unfortunately i couldn't find one yet over here 😥) SOOOOOOO... when finished checking the car from the outside we started the test drive and i let the guy driving it first. we were driving it for like 8 KM and then he wanted to accelerate a bit more (over 4000 rpm) and the car started stuttering.. i was like WTF.... because the guy told me that the engine ran well when drove the car home after arriving at the harbor.. so the RPM would barely go over 5000. when accelerating from lower RPM u felt the car has the power... but passing that 4000rpm car starts stuttering and had no more power. So we went back to the garage and checked for some pressure leakage from some hose. there was a hose cut off in the engine bay and the guy said it was already like this and said that the pre owner in japan must have just cut from removing the triple gauge single cluster which is above the radio. but it was provisionally fixed with a screw. so we kept on checking and unplugged the coil amplifier and removed the coil cover. And see there!! there was one clip of the coils destroyed so it was kind of loose in the coil... we couldn't fix it there tho.. the guy said its insane because when he brought the car home after departing in germany engine and power and all of that ran well as it should.. i talked to a friend and he meant it might be just a smaller problem and no big engine problem so i talked to the guy about the price and he went lower for 1 grand.. so i took the car went to the gas station before heading to my friends workshop. (Aral Ultimate 102 only 🙃) after 1 hour of driving we finally made it to the workshop my friend and me and one mechanic started looking at the car and showing him the coil plug which was broken. after taking some pictures and looking at the car i slowly realized i just got the car of my dreams... 💖 i will follow up with pictures and specs now 1995 Skyline R33 GT-R 55.860 KM (but owner said its not true it is 75.xxx) estimated 350 hp (the guy told me) i dont even mind in the first place Apexi intake Apexi downpipe RSR 4" concept Exhaust magic Carbon fibre Hood CSR Suspension (but i also got a OEM GTR Suspension) (not OEM Brakes - smaller one for some reason idk i think he just swapped brakes since he has a Silvia s14a and i heard brakes fit plug and play so who knows... he meant pre owner did it) no oem wheels ( i gotta get some ) Headlights need to be changed for right hand traffic rear fog light needs to be installed. unfortunately i haven't found any documents for the CSR Suspension, apexi downpipe and RSR exhaust so i think i will need new ones with documents to register the car here 😢 also i need the OEM front brakes (maybe i even get some big brake ones since i want some more power in future) Following up with pictures
  11. ohh ok ill try to get a manual. but why for the 32 and not 33? i guess thats the canister isnt it? Nissan 41630-20U00 Attesa ETS Accumulator Assembly for RB26DETT Skyline R32 R33 ive read it keeps the AWD system pressure constantly up so there minimum delay when u need torque on ur front wheels. is it always good just to replace to go sure nothing happens right? my car has around 75k KM i also have problems with my coils theres one plug broke off so the cables arent stable in the coil. i have to check the injectors i havent yet. what do you mean by a balancer is always good ? do you mean just replacing them with new ones or is a blancer a special part you can get? i only found those crank pulleys over here in germany ALU RIEMENSCHEIBEN SET (3 teilig) LILA für Nissan GTR BNR32 RB26DETT RB20 / RB25 damn mate thats so unlucky... thank god you are well... thats the most important thing mate.. thank you very much ill post the pictures and videos ive taken now and then open a build thread see you hopefully enjoy christmas
  12. Hello guys!😄 It's been over half a year - fortunately everyone of us came back home without any major damage! i also have some news about the car of my dreams... so originally i wanted to get a GTST but ive followed the market in europe and the price for the GTST's went up alot.. so i decided ill just pay some more and get a GTR then.... after months of searching i got a nice offer from someone selling it who had no time and place for it no more... of course there are some things to do but the price was really good and i think its a good base. i will follow up with pictures and more information about the car this weekend! i hope you guys are all fine and thank you again for the help earlier i highly appreciate it !!! i wish you all a merry christmas 🎅
  13. Im not from the US - how would u say that? And i am going to buy a Sky for 100% when i come back. Why is it wrong to get information about it in advance? Makes no sense. Preperation is the most important thing. Ill drive the sky like i drove with all of my hondas. Ill take care of it like its my own baby ??
  14. Oh yes ive read about compression test. Stock they should be on 12 bar. But everything above 9 should be good as far as i know. And there shouldnt be a big difference between the cylinders. Yeah ill try to get a clean one. Wow... Thats great work, bro! A good investment for sure! Its so important to be on the safe side especially if u did ig urself u know what ur dealing with I highly appreciate your help! Hope we can stay in contact!
  15. I am a old man... Ill turn 29 this year ? Servicing is no question, thats the most important thing. Thats how i treated all of my hondas so far. Thanks for the advice! Im currently in a tent but once i moved into a container i could do more resesarch on my laptop
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