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  1. Cheers wolverine. Going ahead with suction pipe. Anyone have feedback in regards to fitment of an AUTOBAHN88 silicone or steel item to an s2?
  2. We bailed the pod idea as there now seems to be grey area regarding secured, non enclosed pods in QLD. Hard pipe was considered. Might be deemed worth while if there is a noticeable gain in response to be had. Been told it's running a Sard fuel pump. I can't find solid info on standard S2 injector size. Can anyone confirm?
  3. After collectively browsing through at least 500 cars over the last couple of months mate is now a proud owner of a pearl White S2 Thanks Darrin for going out of your way to get the deal sorted. Pulled a healthy number on 999 automotives dyno at 11 psi (mention of a high flowed turbo was lost in translation somewhere along the line). They complemented the quality of mods made and after seeing it in the flesh I had to agree and was a bit jelly. Going back on the rollers in a few weeks to pump some more boost in. Thinking around 18 psi if the fuel ump can handle it? If you have the turbo specs handy Darrin that would be awesome. Looking at ordering in a 'Blitz Advance Power' pod before then. Is anyone on here running a stainless mesh filter and/or a hard induction pipe and did it do much for induction noise?
  4. Hi trying to help a mate hunt down a C34 RS4 S2. Needs something genuine, in clean overall order asap. Have exhausted all the regular sources. Carsales, bumtree etc. Wondering if anyone here knows of any vehicles tucked away in Brissie surrounds or Gold Coast. Thanks.
  5. Disco really happy you are still kicking around the traps. Sorry brain fart re CR I've owned 5 fj's myself thanks for the info you posted. Early and late fj's had a 142kw 151kw respectively I believe with power mainly gained through the piddly intercooler and an extra 1-2 psi. Also quite sure was the first Japanese production 4 valve per cylinder head period. enough history lessons I think I have two options atm. Modify an R34 GT-T Intercooler I have in possession to fit in standard location and bump boost up to 13psi on the sock turbo with its power chocking wastegate setup and be happy I'm retaining a stock looking engine bay. But I've been offered a Japanese DR30 return flow cooler kit in exchange for a couple unwanted parts. So this is why the topic title has been asked. I'm at this stage not interested in a high flow when I can get a hold of a Genuine Holset for the same money which have been proven to work well in many street applications if the right specs are chosen.
  6. Hi Looking at a turbo upgrade for my standard late model (lower compression) FJ20. After checking current highflow at prices I've decided Holset is the go. Firstly can someone explain how the T3 twin scroll exhaust housing fits onto the standard DR30 manifold? Does the standard open mouthed manifold flange just pump ex gasses straight into the split ports of the housing? And is the standard actuator fine to run by itself or will I gain anything using a quality bleed valve? (GFB) What versions of the HX30 HX30/40 HX40 series should I be looking at?
  7. Hey just wondering if anyone can explain how a t3 twin scroll exhaust housing will work with a standard fj20 manifold? Adapter?
  8. Sorry for the hi-jack but while on the subject of temp issues... I've got some issues. Overheated on shakedown drive after dyno tune up an angry hill overflow spewed almost 1/2 a litre stock gauge around 2/3's.. Got thermo fan and temp gauge checked out and apparently sweet. Was told that my rad is prob 50% blocked so removed aircon condesor. Now takes ages to get up operating temp by then heatsoak sets in on the stock intercooler (10.5psi). Gauge is 1/2 way in traffic. I want to rig the standard secondary fan to kick in with the primary and a bit earlier. Is the thermostat located on the top tank? Help appreciated is my daily atm just ordered an adaptronic and cactus engine is the last thing I need.
  9. Brisbane. PM me if you like.
  10. Hi, a mate of mine wants to import a brat style Yamaha SR500 or XS650. Are there any brokers out there who can help with this?? Cheers,
  11. WD40 it. Then like Socs said check coil/leads and maybe fuel pump..?
  12. Will be dropping some c spanners off probably Wednesday. Will grab them at the same time so should have pics by end of week.
  13. I can. May take a week or two as they are in boot of car currently getting complianced.
  14. Brand new R30 front and rear whiteline sway bars. Include poly bushes etc. Out of production. $350
  15. Have standard fronts & and i think kyb rears with chopped springs. Sunshine Coast. PM a decent offer.
  16. Will ask him today and get back to you. They were for sale but the original buyer backed out I think.
  17. Mate has a set of door handles spare I think.
  18. Hi wondering if anyone on here can confirm if Bride S-Type rail bolt holes suit Recaro SR3? Help appreciated. Need to know asap.
  19. Really need an over diff style for ground clearance and this is a straight through so decided just to snavel the high flow cat.
  20. Mate is stripping an s13 Silvia. I can grab the 3 inch cat back including cat for $100. Would it be worth while getting it modded to suit DR30? Has anyone done this before?
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