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  1. So I'm looking to replace my clutch real soon, not looking to spend a lot though. I've been wondering since the RB20DE has a 225φ clutch disc and the dets have a 240φ and probably has a different flywheel bolt pattern as well. I can get a hold of a nismo clutch disc(30100-RS225) and clutch cover(30210-RS600) but seem to have difficulties looking for a flywheel. so going back to the question, will I be able to fit in a kit made for the turbo variants on my HR34? Won't it hit the bell housing? The photo attached shows an rb20de neo trans with the stock flywheel.
  2. So after some reading, I found out that custom engine looms are being sold. Made to order from companies like Panic Made. But somehow they are so busy and declined to do one. Do other companies do that kind of work?
  3. Thanks man I'll look into that! Is it possible to merge the r34 loom with the vq ecu? Or I'd have to buy a standalone?
  4. Not everyone is blessed with so much money man. I mean if I had the money I'd probably do that. Thanks man! I mean it's not impossible I just wanted some advice of some sort because swapping doesn't come with instruction manuals and I'm not really that knowledgable about it.
  5. I've read this thread and yeah there nothing much to it about what I wanted to know. Thank you anyway!
  6. Yes I'm planning to make it a drift car but yeah I'm still planning to use it as a daily. I'd love to swap in an HR to be honest. Wpuld it be a harder task to do?
  7. So I'll use the r34 harnesses and somehow fit it to the new engine? Using the donor car's coupler and everything? If I were to do that wouldn't it keep me from using the vq's ecu?or I could just use the vq's harness and everything and rewire the interior electricals of my r34?
  8. I've been trying to look for information about swapping my r34 with a vq35de, I bought an hr34 and really don't know which route to take. My thoughts are to turbo it or swap it. I'm based in Japan and have access to auctions. 350z are being sold for a low price. Around 300k JPY to give you guys an idea. Putting work on my rb20 would probably cost more for less power. Now my questions are; If I were to buy a 350z and use the harnesses and everything would I be able to keep my interior stock? Like my speedometer, A/C or I would go better off using my stock harness; if so how can I mate it to the engine side. How can I keep my A/C running? And lastly if I were to do it, up to which parts will I be able to use? I hope someone can help me out.
  9. My car doesnt have fog lights though. I'll try to follow the wire ? thank you!
  10. Exactly what I'm trying to ask. Does it have something to do with this?
  11. Im just wondering what this socket is for?
  12. But does rb20 and rb25 have the same catalytic converter
  13. I just moved here in Japan and have no idea where to have it done. but hey thanks man!! I appreciate it4
  14. do you guys know if rb25det decat pipe fits an rb20de?
  15. I'm looking to buy a straight pipe for my HR34 and can't find any that is listed on compatibility list. Is it different from other models? I have a fujitsubo mid back exhaust currently fitted and I was already installed when I bought the vehicle so I have no idea with compatibility.
  16. Thank you! Was planning to get cusco sway bars. I'm gonna do a little bit more research.
  17. Hi guys I am wondering if coupe sways bars fit the 4 door r34.
  18. Hello! I've been trying to look for a clear answer regarding rb clutches. I've read that NA Clutch Discs are smaller than the turbo version. So as the clutch cover bolts. I'm trying to look for a clutch kit and a lighter flywheel for my rb20de HR34. I hope someone can enlighten me. I'm a bit confused.
  19. What about bore outs? Will that make it possible?
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