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  1. ok, I'll shoot grab some pics of it tomorrow morning!
  2. No, didn't grab any. I have it all as one piece though if taking a pic of that would help you?
  3. So, I got a brand new Haltech Platinum Pro, Haltech wide band, and Haltech boost solenoid at a steal. I know I'll need them next year when I start really building the car, but are there any benefits on an otherwise stock motor, stock turbo, stock fuel system car that would make it worth installing now?
  4. Replaced my stock clutch fan today, and deleted the carbon canister. The stock fan, as you can see in the picture, had 4 big cracks and spider web cracks as well. Replaced it with a GK Tech fan. The vacuum lines going to the carbon canister were cracked and brittle. I was getting some breaking up past 4500-5000 RPM (I'm guessing since my tach once again doesn't work unless it wants to). After I deleted it and all the lines, it now pulls smoothly all the way up to roughly 7000 RPM. Hopefully getting the Type M bumper I bought with that front cut repaired and painted in the next weekend or two. Can't wait to get it on the car, although I'm pretty sure I'll have to raise the front a little bit.
  5. So, I deleted the muffler. Got a local shop, Countersteer, to make a straight pipe for it. 3in to 4in out the back. Looks really nice, sounds amazing. Also, got the AC working again. Ended up having to replace the compressor.
  6. It's a pretty rare factory option. I've been trying to buy one but for what they cost ($1000+ USD) I'm just going to make my own.
  7. Just purchased this front clip from a local. Finally have a Type M front bumper. Going to get it repaired and painted in the next couple weeks. Paid $200 for the whole thing. Can't find a type m bumper anywhere in the USA for anywhere near that, let alone all the other goodies that came with the cut. Also, 2 weekends ago I installed the GKtech Hicas delete kit, and GKtech clutch fan. Got an alignment last weekend. Car drives so much better now and feels a lot more planted.
  8. Took the car to B3 in Atlanta, GA for my birthday last week to have it looked over. Found some issues, and sorted some things out. The BOV was blocked, previous owner stuck a plug in hose. No more Stututu but atleast the turbo will last (I kinda like it better anyway, and it's making more power now). The boost controller was being bypassed, I'm assuming they did this to keep from destroying the turbo so quickly. - We put in a manual boost controller for now and got it to around 12 PSI. Will be upgrading to a "Innovate Motorsports SCG-1" soon. The passenger side of the Hicas is completely loose. You rock the rod back and forth, left and right, up and down with your hand and zero effort. - Ordered the GKTech Hicas Delete kit, but of course its on backorder so I won't be driving for a couple weeks. Transmission had a hard time getting into 5th a couple times on my way home from a meet, checked it out and everything seems fine but the fluid smelled burnt, nothing other than the expected amount of shavings on the plug. - Put in new Redline fluid. Hasn't had any issues since, but I haven't driven it much with the Hicas issue. - Same with the diff. New Redline fluid. The plugs it had in it were 7's gapped to 48. It was breaking up pretty bad past 6k RPM. - Changed to 6's gapped to 28 and the car is so much smoother throughout. I also repainted the interior bits in the car that were scratched up, replaced the shifter boot and e-brake boot, and put in a new Pioneer AVH 1500NEX head unit. My new plate finally arrived as well Finally no more issues with registration.
  9. Thanks, that's what I figured. Just never noticed it until I did a start with the cutout open.
  10. Only does this when I open my exhaust cut out. The cut out is a cat bypass. Thin white smoke. VID_20200509_115119.mp4 VID_20200509_115119.mp4 VID_20200509_115119.mp4
  11. Got a replacement stock grill, looks so much better.
  12. Fixed the tach yesterday It was bouncing from 0 to needle, or just not working at all. Resoldered all the pins. VID_20200423_180357.mp4
  13. Yeah, I'm feeling much better about it now. Found some hills out in the country this morning and practiced for a bit. I almost always get it now and if it feels like I'm not giving her enough I just let the tires bark. Thanks!
  14. Found some steep hills out in the country today and practiced for a while. Feeling much better about it now haha. When in doubt let the tires bark.
  15. That's awesome, congrats! Driving on the right is way easier than I expected. That's what I was most worried about. Turns out it was the easiest thing to adjust to, once I get used to the clutch or figure out how to adjust it I'll be much more relaxed. Right now every stop light is a mini panic attack lol. It kinda just feels like who ever had it probably just dumped it at every light and spent the whole day sideways.
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