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  1. Thanks, that's what I figured. Just never noticed it until I did a start with the cutout open.
  2. Only does this when I open my exhaust cut out. The cut out is a cat bypass. Thin white smoke. VID_20200509_115119.mp4 VID_20200509_115119.mp4 VID_20200509_115119.mp4
  3. Got a replacement stock grill, looks so much better.
  4. Fixed the tach yesterday It was bouncing from 0 to needle, or just not working at all. Resoldered all the pins. VID_20200423_180357.mp4
  5. Yeah, I'm feeling much better about it now. Found some hills out in the country this morning and practiced for a bit. I almost always get it now and if it feels like I'm not giving her enough I just let the tires bark. Thanks!
  6. Found some steep hills out in the country today and practiced for a while. Feeling much better about it now haha. When in doubt let the tires bark.
  7. That's awesome, congrats! Driving on the right is way easier than I expected. That's what I was most worried about. Turns out it was the easiest thing to adjust to, once I get used to the clutch or figure out how to adjust it I'll be much more relaxed. Right now every stop light is a mini panic attack lol. It kinda just feels like who ever had it probably just dumped it at every light and spent the whole day sideways.
  8. Ok, as long as I can get a bit more modulation out of it I'll be happy. If the revs aren't high enough there's no saving it when it starts to stall. I'll check it out tomorrow and see what it seems to be, was too dark by the time I made it home.
  9. Finally got my dream car, after 15+ years of drooling over R33's and listening to RB's on YouTube I was finally able to grab one. Purchased today from Japanese Classics, LLC in Richmond, VA and immediately drove home almost 10 hours to Macon, GA. 1994 R33 GTS25-T -- 70k miles Current mods that I know of: HKS intake HKS Dragger muffler HKS adjustable dampers OS Giken Clutch Cusco diff Cusco Strut brace FMIC (not sure what brand or size) Gewalt 18 inch 3 piece wheels Gracer wing Current plans: Tint (caught a nice tan today) Replace Japanese head unit Figure out how to adjust clutch (touchiest thing I've ever driven) Replace front bumper Touch up paint all around Repair front passenger wheel (someone ate a curb) video0.mp4
  10. She did fine, not a single issue. I thought I was going to have a panic attack the entire trip though haha. Never experienced a clutch this touchy. There were a couple times I had to say screw this and dump it at the light. It's amazing having one here in the states though. We counted 15 different people taking videos of it and people kept asking about it at lights.
  11. Thanks! 117,xxxkm's on her. I know it has a stupidly aggressive clutch (hope I can fix this easily, I've stalled it 30+ times today) by OS Giken, Cusco diff, HKS Dragger muffler, HKS intake. Not sure yet what else has been done. Haven't had a ton of time to look over it. Been driving it all day haha.
  12. Hello everyone, Just bought a 94 GTST today. R33's have been my dream car since I was 11-12 years old. Just drove it 10 hours from Richmond VA to Macon GA after picking it up at Japanese Classics.
  13. Hey guys, Just bought a R33 today and I've never had such a hard time driving a car. The drive itself is fine, feels super healthy, but the clutch is super aggressive. It has a OS Giken of some sort according to previous owner. The issue I'm having is that it engages almost at the top of the pedal and it's instant. Seems like there 1-2cm of distance between full engagement and disengagement. Is there anything I can do about that? I've been driving manuals for 10+ years and I stalled this car 30-35 times today at red lights.
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