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  1. I heard mixed opinions on using a 1 piece. Do you have any experience with a 1 piece aluminum?
  2. Hello! I am finally about to get started on this manual swap for my R34 gt, The only thing I am left with is getting a driveshaft. I haven't been able to find any oem R34 gtt 2 piece driveshafts so I have concluded to getting a custom 1 piece drive shaft. I need the length as I am in no position to drop the auto trans and get measurements. Any feedback is greatly appreciated thanks.
  3. Hello! Will a R34 GT-R brake bracket/pedal work in a ER34? Any feedback is appreciated, thanks.
  4. Hey, I am swapping my 1999 R34 gtt to a manual and just need the clutch pedal and bracket will a 240sx clutch bracket work? Part No. 46550-70F00 (clutch bracket) all feedback is appreciated thank you!
  5. Yeah lol. I measured it and I'm gonna go with a 35 aspect ratio
  6. Hey, Would I be able to put 245/40/18 tires on my ER34? the rim width is 18x9 and the offset is 40. Any feedback is appreciated, Thanks!
  7. Will a R33 (ENR33 & ECR33) clutch bracket fit a 1999 R34? Trying to find a pedal box is damn near impossible for the R34. Thanks!
  8. Yeah I was gonna use a paint and primer I just wanted to be sure that I wouldn't mess anything up
  9. So I just got bodywork done my car as I had rust forming near both strut towers in the engine bay. I put the strut bolts back on and it dug into the paint and now I have bare metal exposed in the engine bay. What should I use to prevent rust from forming on the bare metal? I just spent a pretty penny getting the rust taken care of and I would hate to have to take care of it again. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should use to prevent this from happening?
  10. Right on! I appreciate the feedback!
  11. I am in the process of doing a transmission swap to my skyline. I bought a pull type Neo transmission and clutch. I know I'll also need pull clutch slave cylinder but is the master cylinder for RB engines universal or will I need a pull type as well? Any feedback is appreciated thanks!
  12. Thanks I appreciate it But I know Nissanparts.cc has a Neo transmission available, the only issue is the conversion rate to USD is through the roof right now. ?
  13. Hey, I'm swapping my 1999 ER34 to manual I'm in the process of getting a clutch for the transmission. Does the Neo transmission use a push or pull type of clutch? Thanks!
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