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  1. Time to revive this post hahah, this my other child hahah
  2. Yeah pretty lucky to have my car and decent size space, i spent like 900 at super cheap before lock down tho essentials only ? ?
  3. To be honest i didn't think anyone would be interested hahah im more of a reader, iv been reading these sau pages for years only just decided to make a account. I put the front kit on for a laugh today im really not a fan of this style. I normally run a standy front bumper with a p10 te primera lip.
  4. Churr, im from kapiti coast north island im a RB/nissan freak ? ? currently building a keep forever build c33 laurel
  5. Chuurrrr big what up from the kapiti coast in nz im a RB freak have owned n built rbs for a while now. Currently doing a keep forever build c33 laurel ( my personal favourite body shape of the nissans)
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