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  1. I'm considering it but it feels weird to pay close to the same for a shift boot as I did for my transmission.
  2. Still looking for this. I see them on eBay with the full shift boot which I don't need and the 3d printed ones seem unreasonably expensive for what they are.
  3. I have almost everything for this project except for an ECU(Australian guy who I was going to buy the nistune fitted ecu from stopped responding), and I also need an intercooler of some sort and piping. I'm tempted just to get a stock side mount setup from someone who has upgraded but I'm not sure yet. I actually got in contact with someone on here who had posted about doing the exact thing I was originally wanting to do with running the rb25de+t with the gtst ecu and he had issues. Makes sense but I figured it was worth a shot asking. Still looking for a nistune fitted board. If I don't find one by around October I may just go with a ROM tune since no performance shops around me will tune nistune and I'd have to find someone willing to do a remote tune.
  4. Ok, so it looks like it is a z32 ecu by the numbers on the case. Before I buy it, this will work on my r32 non vct engine?(obviously with a remap) He's asking$150aud which is about $100 USD and that is a good deal for me even with shipping it over from Australia.
  5. So, I found a used ecu fitted with nistune. The guy says he had it on his r33 gtst which from my understanding means that it is either a gtst ecu or a z32 ecu. Would either work for me with remapping? Obviously the r32 one i think would work but what if it is a z32 ecu?
  6. Lots of good information in this thread. Just read through all 43 pages. Definitely going +T over this coming winter.
  7. That's mainly what I was basing the shipping being expensive from. eBay sellers shipping from Australia are often crazy overpriced for shipping.
  8. I will be on the lookout for a nistune ecu. The software and cable seem to bump the price up quite a bit. I'm in the US so I'm not sure about buying from trademe as far as shipping.
  9. I'll definitely look into that. That sounds like a good option.
  10. Yeah, I've ordered a shift boot but it didn't come with the plastic trim so now I'm on the lookout for that. Hard to come by around where I live. I posted in the classifieds here to see if anyone has one for sale.
  11. Looking for the plastic trim that the r32 shift boot will attach to. I recently manual swapped my r32 and ordered a shift boot but it didn't come with the plastic to clip it in. They are not easy to find where I live so I'm hoping somebody on here might have one and be willing to ship it to the states.
  12. Sounds like nistune is the way I'll be going. I'd be lying if I said that I don't plan on at least trying the GTST ecu and see what happens on a drive down the block. I'll be on the lookout for a nistune chipped ecu second hand. The problem is that nobody near me tuned it so I'll have to figure that part out.
  13. Yeah, that is basically what I had planned. All stock components, only like 7 psi and retarded timing a few degrees. I have known a lot of people who have done s13 ka24 turbo conversions with just retarded timing and an FMU with low boost and have run them a long time. That's basically what I am going for. I understand that a chipped ecu or standalone is the best option but I'm really just looking to wake the car up a bit.
  14. I'm definitely up for putting nistune into it if it's needed. I've never used it before so it will be a learning experience for me.
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