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  1. A bit late for the party. I got a RB25 box that had done some 160k KMs when I installed it. After the swap I decided to first go with some Castrol 75w-90/140 something-a-rather (recommended type anyway) and it was crunchy as hell. Synchros were definitely on the evening side. So I put in the MT-90 Redline and while it still tends to give you a bit of a nudge when shifting, it works like a charm now for the most of the time and allows easy mid-powerslide shifts from 2->3. There is talk of HW and LW fluids here, but are these two different from the MT-90 I'm using?
  2. Agreed with Dobz. Cannot say I see anything unnerving there. Would love to hear the reasoning behind your friends' remark. FYI two things; Even if you somehow adjust everything on both sides to same degree and minute, the moment you bounce the suspension, everything will likely be off by a couple of minutes again. Rubber bushings. Things being in the red does not equal things are bad. Lower any car and you get christmas theme on your alignment sheet.
  3. How about a meet up on a PA somewhere in shutoko at some point?
  4. Old topic, apologies. Did you find a place? I am running Nistune though. Looking for a shop that could at least dyno the thing and listen for knock etc.
  5. Well, glad you have your car back on the road again. I installed an S13 Kaaz 2way on my ER34 and just drilled out the diff centre holes to accept the bigger bolts. I also transferred the ABS rings from the ER34 stubs to the S13 5-bolt stubs. Going to go Nismo at some point so this was good information. Need to check things carefully. Cheers.
  6. Something doesn't add up here. My car is factory 1999 GTT A/T and it had the 13mm bolts. It had an VLSD. So this makes me think that if the Nismo P/N really matches and the unit was brand new unopened, that something went wrong somewhere down the line at Nismo (highly unlikely of course). I suppose it would make more sense the other way around: the car had 12mm bolts it and Nismo came with 13mm. About the flanges: I believe all Nismo LSDs come with the drive shaft ends/stub axles/flanges so unless they don't match the driveshaft bolt pattern (in ER34 this should be 5 in a star shape), there shouldn't be any problems with them. Note that you cannot use the original VLSD stubs with the Nismo, probably the splines don't match and one of them is too long anyway, so if your Nismo LSD didn't come with the stubs, then no wonder there's trouble.
  7. I would like to add the ridiculous length of the oil feed, with a very rough 90­° machined/drilled bend in the block, right after the pickup trunk. I think I measured about 50-60cm of pipe and channel from the oil pan to the pump. Perhaps it is not a killer but it most likely will not help either. When rebuilding my 25, I did what I could to that corner and ported the oil pump too while I was at it.
  8. Apart from cutting the struts towers open, what options does one have to address this? I don't see any signs of corrosion there yet and would rather not see it later either.
  9. Anyone still in here, Tokyo area perhaps?
  10. Okay ladies and gentleman. I chose to reply this thread as this is the one that mostly comes up in google when you try to search for the topic in question. I will mainly focus on the neutral sw in this case. Well, it also concerns the reverse SW. When I did the MT conversion, I had huge trouble but very little time to sort everything out electrically. As such, I focused mainly on the visible stuff that matters in terms of MOT/shaken, which was the reverse lights and speedo. Here is where my memory is slightly hazy, but I believe what is needed is +12V to the reverse signal wire that is - again I believe - red. The neutral sensor was left disconnected, but I have since learned its significance in many things, such as calibration of the TPS, Hicas etc. This drove me on a quest to get it working as intended. I found this thread a while ago but there were no answers so I just wired the switch to ground the appropriate pin (#39 if my memory serves) on the ECU directly, without utilizing the auto gearbox harness. However, during the past few days I opened the service manual and pulled out my multi meter and dug in to this while the car was on a lift and I had some time to spare and test things out. The way I thought about both the reverse and neutral SW was that they are switches that ground the necessary wires when the appropriate gear is selected and the switch activated. But this is not the case. Well to be precise, it actually is the case, if the car is MT from the factory, but if you have the AT meter cluster with the AT christmas tree (P R N D 1 2) between the RPM and speedo, then things are different. Somewhere, likely in the meter cluster itself there are relays that - when activated - handle the switching of reverse lights and the neutral switch. In the case of neutral switch, the relay grounds the appropriate pin and it is likely the same happens with the reverse lamps as well. But it all goes through the christmas tree in the dash. And that christmas tree needs +12v to function so, instead of grounding the wires in the auto box loom, you actually need to switch +12v to the wires. https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/139916-diy-r34-manual-conversion-using-r33-parts/ In this topic E_Lu-SHuN writes: “The reverse switch consists of two brown wires(as seen in diagram) . One brown wire from the reverse switch joins together with the inhibitor(BLACK with Pink) and the power(GREY). The REVERSE wire (red wire from the auto plug) connects onto the remaining brown wire of the reverse switch. So for the reverse switch, one brown wire connects to the reverse signal(red wire) and the other brown wire joins with the inhibitor and power(3 joint wires). “ So what is happening here is that the inhibitor SW needs +12v, the reverse SW needs +12v and what is left out is that the same +12v is needed also for the neutral SW. The +12v is - apparently and in my best understanding and memory - provided with the GREY/RED wire. The RED is the reverse SW wire and the GREEN/WHITE wire is the neutral SW. For TL;DR: Split the GRAY with RED stripe wire (+12v) to three places: Directly to BLACK with PURPLE stripe (Inhibitor SW so the car actually starts) To Reverse SW and from that to RED wire in the AT loom. To Neutral SW and from that to GREEN with WHITE stripe wire in the AT loom This should end you up with all SWs working as intended and you should be able to observe this in the meter cluster (the R and N will light up in the christmas tree when reverse or neutral is selected). Note that especially the neutral SW itself tends to be broken and or connecting only intermittently and you would be better off replacing it with a new one (as was the case and additional headache in my case). No need to drain oil from the box to do this (so long as your car is the right way up). Apologies for the wall of text.
  11. Good day, General mock build-up was done with GT-R manifolds and once that was done and concept was proven, I ordered some "stainless" china manifolds. As you guessed, the flanges needed some slight seeing-to in the form of angle grinder + test fit + weld. After the fabrication was done (including but not limited to correcting the warped flanges) I had them sand blasted inside and out and ceramic coated inside. Outside was coated with heat resistant spray paint, which lasted amazingly well. Oh, and I had to swap two of the studs to M8 size, as there was just no room to put an M10 nut in there. I believe the original GT-R manis also have one stud that is smaller or somehow handles the alignment of the mani to the head? In the final revision of my build I was running a pair of GT2860-7's (if my memory serves me), along with R34 outlets. Regrettably I sold the whole package as a bolt on kit a few years ago, before going the single Holset way.. The rear turbo used the stock oil return. For the front one, the NEO block had a similar 3/4 inch (again, if my memory serves) threaded hole that was used with a suitable hose barb. incoming oil was taken from the block stock location with a T-adapter and for the water lines OEM GT-R stuff was utilized with slight adjustment.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll start a topic there!
  13. Thank you for the warm welcome! I probably should've signed up much earlier, hehe. The GT-R twins were a great drunken idea that somehow slipped into production. The twin turbo pipe just looked so cute next to the NEO plastic cover (and was MOT friendly). Regrettably I don't have a better pic and that engine room is filthy.. But it did work surprisingly nicely! and I sort of miss having it. About 10 years ago I was sitting in a bar in Tokyo and talked with some Japanese dude who had shipped his motorcycle to Europe in the 90's and driven around there for a summer. I thought that idea would be hilarious to do in reverse, thus a seed of silliness was planted. But another reason was that I had just done a complete engine overhaul with forged parts and that costs a lot of money. Also the prices of ER34s in Japan are getting higher year by year. So in a twisted way it kind of made sense. ? @Steve85 The color is sort of dark blue, purplish, almost black. I wanted a white one but after years of looking at the car in this color, I think I will stick with it. Even when I eventually have to have it resprayed. So a couple more pics: 2012 Still with the stock body kit. Would have stuck with that, were it not that the passenger side skirt was missing.. ?‍♂️ Ahvenisto circuit 2013. Among friends at Botniaring Circuit 2016 Finnish highway 2016 September. Some autumn colors 2018. Didn't know this would be the last time I drove the car as automatic. Freshening up the insides a bit - 2017 Test fitting the turbo lines. Engine room pretty much as it is today. 2018 Going for a cruise to the other side of the planet April 2019. About 1 month prior to this the car was without a gearbox and engine, spread all over the garage. Not to mention what else was going on at the time. Memories are hazy. Japanese highway 2019 (under Tokyo Bay, going to Umihotaru PA) Some video too https://youtu.be/7sPZMemTlRs
  14. At least don't put a 2door suspension on it. Unless you want your rear end to stick up. I tried a R34 GT-R suspension on my 4door and it did not go well.
  15. Good day, I'm a Finn, living in Japan, posting on Australian Skyline forum. ? I have lurked for many years here and it has been extremely helpful with many things Skyline. So finally I decided to make an account here and perhaps join the conversation. A lot of forum-talk has moved to facebook or such and I believe that is not a good way to preserve (or find) information, so from my part, I want to promote conversation that can be later found by a search engine, instead of it being buried among of half-hearted brainfarts that is the most of social media. (no offense to anyone ..) I began my Nissan hobby with an RS13 200SX in 2004 and after two of those, went to S13 Silvia to which I swapped from AT NA CA18DE to MT SR20DET back in 2006. But since then I've gotten "wiser" and went with the R-body, starting with R32 GTS-t and then moved to ER34 4door that I currently drive. I bought the R34 in 2011 and fell in love with it and couldn't sacrifice it to the gods of rust on the Finnish salty winter roads. So opposed to as initially intended, I kept it in the garage during the winters and did all sorts of tweaking to it. During the years, the car really grew on me, so I put it on a ship back to its home country when I moved here (to Japan). So as the Japanese would say, 宜しくお願い致します (which I playfully like to translate to "please bear with me"). I hope I can give something to this community as I have received a lot from it during the years. Currently looking for a shop or somebody who can tig weld around Tokyo area, and some tips on how the track day / circuit driving stuff works in this country and general car-stuff. So if you have some tips or care to meet up some weekend in a PA, do let me know as it is always great to get to know some like minded persons. Thank you. --Tume Me in the R32 2010 or something at Botniaring, Jurva, Finland DNSF.org track day .. with the stock suspension.. seasickness ensued. Was rocking a Chinaman FMIC kit and a 2876 garret on stock mani. That thing was silly. Rainy spring evening on the outskirts of Helsinki May 2014 Somewhere in the middle of the Finnish Countryside near Pesämäki Circuit, Honkajoki, Finland July 2018 after another DNSF.org track day. Since I started driving on circuits back in 2007, this was to be my second to last track day in Finland. Same ER34 June 2019 in Yokohama in front of an UpGarage shop. Was looking for shaken friendly wheels but no luck there. Just out of the customs, on my way home. Yeah, I did swap the GT-R twin turbos on it for few years. Apart from digging pieces of turbine wheels from my cat, it was quite brilliant in this form. Since then I've gone big-single Holset (among a bunch of other things) as the twin turbo setup was a complete pain in the arse to maintain.
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