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  1. Why is that? The bell housing is same for both Engines.
  2. I can also part out the GETRAG to pay for a rb25det gearbox but i would rather to have 6 speed on my car.
  3. Well, It is but the its missing the transfer case. GETRAG 233
  4. Hi Everyone, I own R34 GTT and the current gearbox is in bad shape. No 3rd & reverse. I got a mint condition R34 GTR gearbox without the transfer case couple years ago for 50 US$. My question is can I use My current Gearbox housing (RB25det gearbox) to house the GTR gearbox internals? If not can I at least use the GTR gearbox with gutted R32 OR R33 GTR transfer case (2wd application) I saw a guy who did the same thing but except it was a R33 GTR gearbox.
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