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  1. Hey everyone, I was heavily considering buying a r32 shell (2k ish) and refurbishing it with a rb20de and such. What are some things I need to be careful of when buying a shell. Id be building It to be P plate legal. Thank you for your input and cheers,
  2. The Climate Control bulbs in my R34 GTT have burnt out and I've been trying for months here in Canada to find the these T3 neo bulbs in purple. Pretty much given up trying to find a purple ones at this point, but now I'm having trouble finding regular alternatives to oem that will fit. All the one's I've bought online have the tabs too short. Can anyone lead me to the right direction on where I can find the right bulbs that will fit fine? Below is a comparison between oem and one I bought online. The tabs on all the one's I could find online are too short. Thanks!
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