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  1. As a daily driver the 2.5 will do me nicely, but i hear ya, about to start a build on a Sohc Inline 6 for the XR6 Wagon for Drag Week in a year or two so it will be my "Speed FIx" Plenum chamber has been thrown around and does seem like a good idea. Intercooler def on the car and the other stuff will happen aswell. Still looking at exhaust ideas aswell, would like some better performance but would rather keep it quiet for now too. What induction Kits would you suggest?
  2. The knock sensor may explain some issues up high Although my money is still on Cam Angle Sensor. And i used my inspection camera to get in there to get the photos but will try with more light tomorrow cheers
  3. Is it a bolt that is missing? Or is there something else missing from here? And does anyone know what the Electrical plug is? Cheers
  4. Hi Everyone hoping someone may be able to shed some light on a couple of things for me. The Elec connector is under the plenum at the back of the engine and has been gnawed at by rats whilst they made it a home. The Oil leak is a full length tapet cover gasket however it is particularly bad above the Turbo where it appears there is a bolt missing? Can anyone shed some light for me?
  5. Hey mate was this an AWD M35?
  6. Hey Everyone, So iv'e just bought an M35 and i am looking at starting a list of things to do and prioritising them accordingly. This got me thinking about the simplest performance or "safe guard/get it done before it goes wrong" mods/upgrades i should do, and figured i would ask the Stagea fountain of knowledge team, after owning a Stagea, if you had to start all over again, what would be your top 5 go to mods? 01' M35 250T RX Four (VQ25DET, High Flow Turbo, AM BOV) Still yet to work out if any exhaust mods have been done but feel it's standard as is the rest of the car. Hope your car is keeping you sane in lockdown!
  7. Thanks mate, spent most of the night reading through picking out things to have a look at so now to get on with it
  8. G'day guys and Gals, my name is James and i have just purchased a Nissan Stagea M35 and as always joining in with the culture to tap into some wisdom and learn as much as i can about my new toy. I used to live in the car scene but after becoming a dad several times i moved into functionality over desire but now im trying to find common ground Look forward to checking out your rides
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