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  1. If I had known he would do this i wouldve stopped him right away. Gah youre right its something thatll bug me until I actually run the engine. Its just that to undo what he did would require upening up the engine again, getting a new head gasket, and possibly taking the block/head to the machine shop again to get it properly smooth. This Hondabond seems to have a reputation of really not coming off easily. If we try to scrape the stuff off with our tools we might scratch the head and block surfaces.
  2. Any idea if itll do anything detrimental towards the headgasket's performance?
  3. Yup he says it should be all good. He's been doing it on honda engines since 2017. But he's also become a little sketchy.
  4. But am i at risk of actually having a bad seal if i leave this hondabond in there?
  5. "To really make sure there are no blow outs" According to the builder.
  6. Hi there! Is it some sort of special technique to use a gasket sealant like Hondabond on a metal head gasket? Got my engine back from a builder and he used Hondabond on my Tomei metal head gasket. He says hes been using this technique since 2017. Never heard of anyone doing this before, and my first instinct was that this was totally wrong. I tried searching the web for several days and came across *some* high HP builders using a little hondabond on head gaskets as some sort of insurance. Pictured below is my metal head gasket with the grey hondabond coming from the sides.
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