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  1. I'm in Wollongong, there's a couple in Sydney, an another in Nowra that tune hks, but eventually will be goin haltec elite 2500 with the loom
  2. Its alive an runs nicely, had a issue with the hks harness, loose wiring.
  3. Actually I put that on just to take a pic, its running to a catch can
  4. I tried plugging the old throttle body back in before doing the ecu, an it didn't do anything, no noise no movements no starting, The hks was only put in to try simply cause I was being told that removing the throttle body an its components will cause the ecu to freak out, think it was mentioned in an earlier post too, An the Iac is still there an functionable
  5. Hey guys I just put in a hks piggy back ecu, an still no starting.. just turns over. I've checked all wiring, have fuel, have spark, have injector pulse. What could it be?
  6. Wrong pic sorry, but pin 1 is wide open, pin 3 idle, pin 2 0.5v
  7. Thats what I would have thaught, should atleast start an run, an yeah I double checked the tps wiring, have the voltage aswell, Only thing that isn't hooked up is the original TB
  8. Engine turns over an everything performs as it should (minus the deleted TB) just doesn't start. Its a gt35/40, now decided to go aftermarket ecu an loom, only made this post to see if anyone had a possible way to get the car to run an drive as it was with the factory ecu.
  9. No at that stage of the picture I hadn't finished the cooler piping, its all plumbed up now an the way it should be just minus the TB
  10. Got fuel aswell. Doesn't have traction control, but yeah running stock ecu harness etc, just aftermarket bolt ons, Is nistune the only option? Not really fussed about an engine light at the moment just want to get it running
  11. Hey guys, first time poster, could really use some help, Spent some time doing this setup on my mates 34, one major thing was to keep all the stock stuff functionable an to fit with the aftermarket parts, (merely wanted a clean engine bay) Its come time to start it, but won't start.... I didn't use the stock TB, I put on the 88mm the plenum came with an wired up a raceworks TPS sensor, I have spark, I have injector pulse, could the elimination of the stock throttle body stop it from starting? Thanks in advance
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