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  1. Hello, i was wonder if anyone has any experience or insight on fitting an r32 gtr rear diffuser on an r32 gtst sedan. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Carbon-Fiber-Rear-Diffuser-Top-Secret-Style-Type-II-For-Nissan-R32-GTR/283707213829?hash=item420e448805:g:v1sAAOSwChtd8Scs something like this. I can’t seem to find any gtst rear diffusers. I figured maybe some slight trimming as the gtr is wider than the gtst but I’m not sure. Thanks!
  2. Ya i guess wheel spacers is always an option to clear brakes
  3. Well that’s just fantastic lol, i like the simple 5 spoke look, but really wanted to fit some bigger brakes. I guess i can’t have my cake and eat it.
  4. Makes sense. This is what I’m working with right now, i just don’t want to order everything and the calipers not fit behind the wheels
  5. What offset are your wheels? I currently have 17x9 +22s. And the stock caliper comes pretty close the wheel, maybe 5-6mm of clearance
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