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  1. Perfect! I’ll have a look into it. Even close to 400hp if I don’t need to change basically it’s limit without having to do to much. I’ve just had a look at some threads in Australia and most people have quite a lot of trouble when they plus t their 30e’s most of the videos of watched are just chinas finest. But that’ll point me in the right direction cheers.
  2. So i just bought 2 vl commodores both with 30e’s in them basically without rambling on for 10 years wanting to plus t one what internals need to be changed and what turbo should I use would ideally want around 300hp. Cheers.
  3. I’ve recently bought these old greddy gauges to install into my 32 and was just wondering if anyone had an instruction manual or know of a place to get a manual for them
  4. My 32 sedan has a indicator problem, the left hand turn signal works but when I go to turn to the right it makes a sound under the dash sounding like the fuse is about to go, which eventually it does I’m not sure if a relay is buggered or shorting out ? ?
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