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  1. Nah I only dropped off the vehicle to him to get a base map put onto the ECU for me to be able to start up the car and tow it in for paint. He was extremely busy as we had our Chrome Expression car event coming up. So he only had the car for about half a day before I towed it back home. Thank you for spotting out the mistake though hopefully it hasn't caused any major issues
  2. Yeah so its not a ball bearing turbo, Journal bearing turbo the fitting flange hole from where the turbo feed line connects to is about 3-3.5mm. Do you reckon that's fine?
  3. Man thank you so much! I took your advice and un-plumbed the catch can. Got it up to operating temperature and she didn't smoke! little bit but nothing like how she used too. Something I had just totally over looked. I topped up the coolant levels and ran the car for a while and coolant levels did not drop. Mind you guys i haven't started the car or left it running for long at all. I had gotten it back from the tuner and he told he it was really smokey so I only bought it home and ran it for a little while. then left it in the garage. Today I let it warm up and cool down 3 times and checked for oil levels, mixture, coolant levels and so on. It seems to be promising i hope!
  4. Yeah man it's sealed, bugger what would be the best solution to this? drill and tap a fitting for allowing the oil to drain out or change the catch can setup entirely? If not what damages can be caused and how so. I know it effects the crank case pressure
  5. Goes to nowhere, just collects and drains if needed
  6. You'll have to do a bit more researching in terms of seeing what parts are available brand new or second hand around your local area. You'll have to start with what turbo you're going to go with, if you want to keep the factory turbo then your front facing turbo manifold will have to have the same flange as your turbo, T3 flange and 6 bolt rear housing. It quickly becomes quite a big thing to do but generally you'll need the following. Front facing turbo manifold Turbo to suit manifold Downpipe off turbo to suit AN fittings for turbo feed lines, oil and water if needed. And turbo drain feed Wastegate if going external/Wastegate plumbing if wanting to re-plumb from external Gaskets for manifold, turbo, oil fittings, down pipe etc etc New intake piping to suit different location Hope this helps ya!
  7. Good day guys, so I've finished doing a couple of mods on my RB20DET GTS-T, got a base map put on to my Nistune ECU and now unfortunately on idle it blows smoke out like crazy. It was smoking slightly before i pulled everything apart but I had thought it was the turbo seals hence why i replaced the turbo and a few other things. 4" Straight through exhaust doesn't help either I can imagine. Symptoms include on start up generally after about 15-20 seconds she starts to smoke white clouds, as she warms up the smoke intensifies. I've done a compression test this morning and the results followed from cam cover to firewall, 150/140/145/145/150/150 PSI. I am leaning towards maybe the head gasket might have a crack in it or blown. But not enough evidence points towards this maybe?, No mixing of oil and water within the engine, I can say she's taking a bit of water not from the radiator but from the overflow tank. I don't mind pulling off the head to do a head gasket but bloody annoying since i just put the dam thing back together and thought it was ready for a dyno tune. I have ordered a leak down tester tool just waiting for that to come in, but welcome to any suggestions and theories or experience from you fellow members all input is appreciated cheers guys!
  8. How's it man, Sorry to bump up the post, but did you end up getting this sorted? Currently doing the same to my 20det
  9. Did you end up getting this fixed?
  10. Do you perhaps have a diagram or a photo showing which goes where, half the looms been removed and i just want to verify 100% if i got them in the correct order, and yes I have gotten my ECU chipped with Nistune,
  11. Good day guys, I'm currently working on a RB20DET that I have bought which was is in a pretty rough state. Just working on the motor and getting it all tidy. I just wanted to know if anyone has extended there injector, water temperature, CAS wiring.Reason being I've bought a front facing plenum and wanted to tuck in the wiring loom to give it a cleaner look around the intake manifold area. Also another thing is I'm going to be running 600CC Nismo injectors, ordered in some new plugs for the injectors as there different. But wanted to know if it does matter which injector plug goes where? or is there a specific order they plug in for each cylinder. My loom is currently out as I'll be extending it. Attached is some photos of the engine bay before and after, Nty to RFB. Cheers guys!
  12. I've noticed a couple of general front lips fit onto the R32 gts-t bumpers, but none look as great. The only worthy mention is the DC2 front lip. Fits all series of r32 factory front bars, even the GTS-T Mspec ones
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