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  1. How's it man, Sorry to bump up the post, but did you end up getting this sorted? Currently doing the same to my 20det
  2. Did you end up getting this fixed?
  3. Do you perhaps have a diagram or a photo showing which goes where, half the looms been removed and i just want to verify 100% if i got them in the correct order, and yes I have gotten my ECU chipped with Nistune,
  4. Good day guys, I'm currently working on a RB20DET that I have bought which was is in a pretty rough state. Just working on the motor and getting it all tidy. I just wanted to know if anyone has extended there injector, water temperature, CAS wiring.Reason being I've bought a front facing plenum and wanted to tuck in the wiring loom to give it a cleaner look around the intake manifold area. Also another thing is I'm going to be running 600CC Nismo injectors, ordered in some new plugs for the injectors as there different. But wanted to know if it does matter which injector plug goes where? or is there a specific order they plug in for each cylinder. My loom is currently out as I'll be extending it. Attached is some photos of the engine bay before and after, Nty to RFB. Cheers guys!
  5. I've noticed a couple of general front lips fit onto the R32 gts-t bumpers, but none look as great. The only worthy mention is the DC2 front lip. Fits all series of r32 factory front bars, even the GTS-T Mspec ones
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