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  1. Could this be the issue? 😂😂, pulled this plug out and found this...
  2. Thanks for the reply guys! 😁👍, absolutely ill throw more pics up! 😁, managed to get it started and hoble it home 😂... Man i love the feeling of driving it! So far have replaced, -Sparkplugs -Coil-Pack -Leads -Ignition Module -Dizzy Cap + Rotor -Removed garden hedge, growing as a front bumper lip 😂... -Got the power steering working again -Full service ...Flushed out coolant, old oil Naaaaasty 😂, replaced fuel, fuel filter and added nulon treatment. Went to start her today, Now she wont start 😂😥 Cranks but doesnt turn over... 😥 Fuel is going through, very weak spark though, hmmmmm...
  3. Allright soo this was a barn find, and grass was growing through it 😂, finally got it started, and found coolant leaking everywhere, from just under the plenum. Coroded busted fittings.
  4. Just picked up my first skyline, an 87 R31 Silhouette Series 1 im soo happy to get working in this, not a qualified mech, but its been a dream to work on a car... any help much appreciated on the way!
  5. Hi Im a NewB to the group
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