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  1. Believe 5watts / 5 ohms does the trick im Forgoing the bulb, just setting a warning on the dash to warn for low voltage.
  2. Anyone with an aftermarket dash, how did you redo the charging light? The LC7 does not have a slot for the charging light and I’d like to steer away from using an LED in the cluster housing. Can the original charging wire be used as an input into the haltech or can a resistor be used to emulate a bulb?
  3. If some of these parts decide to show finally, yes!!! def would like to be there!
  4. Lmao, hey atleast I’ll have the sickest car in the homeless shelter hahaha. it def has been quite an investment. And the saying if you buy a skyline be prepaid To have enough for a second def rings true! thanks for the hospitality haha
  5. Current setup about to drop in
  6. Whats going on guys, Reside on Long island, New York. Owner of a KH1 91 R32 GTR for a few years now. Grenade the motor about a year ago ( old age , rod decided to qualify for NASA). Mostly stock. Since then I have had the motor fully built, gone single and am in the process of being dropped back in at the moment.
  7. What’s up guys? currently building my rb26, in my final stages. Picked up a hks type s oil cooler kit ( -12 an fittings and lines ) decided I wanted to run a filter relocation and picked up the hks type R sandwich plates ( -10 an fittings / lines ) also plan on running an accusump as well in the system ( -10 an lines / fitting ) would running an -an reducer or flare fitting for the oil cooler hurt oil pressure or inhibit the oil flow? thanks in advance.
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