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  1. I am currently upgrading my ER34 Skyline GTT (inlet, exhaust, turbo, intercooler, radiator) and looking to upgrade the stock fuel pump. Does anyone know the cc or capacity of the stock fuel pump? I know the stock fuel injectors are 380cc. anyone used 750cc injectors on their GTT? What fuel pump did you use with the injectors? I apologize just in case this topic been asked before. Thank you in advance.
  2. Is it not effective to use Motul gear competition 75w140 on viscous LSD?
  3. Thank you. How much differential oil? I use Motul and Royal Purple.
  4. Can anyone recommend rear differential oil for '98 Skyline R34 GTT (automanual transmission)? 75w80 or 80w90 or 75w140? What is good for racing or extreme performance. GTT have LSD? Thank you in advance. I live in Sicily, Italy and hard to find real help so I do my research and work on my R34 I use mostly for drag racing and time attack.
  5. Hello to all. I have a 1998 ER34 Skyline GTT RB25DET. It's a automanual type but I use it for time attack, drag race, and drifting. I am an amateur racer using pure desire to go fast but I never use a piggyback before. I was able to manually connect the wires and successful starting the engine using base maps. I need help with setting the maps. My question, any tuner or tuning service for EMU to assist with injector, ignition, and airflow maps. I am a weekend mechanic and really work on my Skyline (with assist of my friends) since I can't find any reliable mechanic with good idea about Skylines/RB engines in Sicily, Italy. I installed Blitz SUS power air cleaner and NUR Spec RX exhaust, URAS straight pipe, Splitfire coil packs, NISMO S-tune spark plugs, and the rest are racing wheels/tires. I create my own rear diffuser, plug n play harness, and other aerodynamic enhancement I use for weekend street races and track days. Thank you for reading and any help will be appreciated! Joe
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