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  1. Hello to all. I have a 1998 ER34 Skyline GTT RB25DET. It's a automanual type but I use it for time attack, drag race, and drifting. I am an amateur racer using pure desire to go fast but I never use a piggyback before. I was able to manually connect the wires and successful starting the engine using base maps. I need help with setting the maps. My question, any tuner or tuning service for EMU to assist with injector, ignition, and airflow maps. I am a weekend mechanic and really work on my Skyline (with assist of my friends) since I can't find any reliable mechanic with good idea about Skylines/RB engines in Sicily, Italy. I installed Blitz SUS power air cleaner and NUR Spec RX exhaust, URAS straight pipe, Splitfire coil packs, NISMO S-tune spark plugs, and the rest are racing wheels/tires. I create my own rear diffuser, plug n play harness, and other aerodynamic enhancement I use for weekend street races and track days. Thank you for reading and any help will be appreciated! Joe
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