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  1. @phelbas I'd love to see pics and your thoughts on the new lenses. How well they fitted and the end result. Let us know for reference. Would be great.
  2. I've been looking into this myself. Yet to pull the trigger. But when I do will go a Viper system.
  3. After all that the wrecker was a bit dodgy. Ended up buying a whole harness from a local wrecker. So if anyone else out there runs into trouble and comes across this thread, let me know. When I have what I need from it I will happily cut off and sell any of the remaining good connectors. Just hit me up. Seems the headlight plug is one of the hardest to find. Anything engine related is easy. Body wise is not.
  4. A Nissan wrecker in VIC has one they will cut off and post to me. What a relief. I found the whole harness this plug belongs to brand new. But it is like $2k. Stuff that. Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated.
  5. Yes I wish this was an option. Cannot redo both sides. The other side it plugs on to is the headlight itself. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  6. Thanks @Millerman. Yeah looks similar to those plugs. I'll suss it out more. Buying new online seems rather difficult. Seems this plug is part of a whole loom and you cant buy it on its own. Well, not that have found after searching all afternoon. Looking through pages and pages of connectors. I think you are on the money. Best bet will be finding one at a wreckers. Guess I was just hoping that on the off chance someone somewhere happened to have an old harness lying around they don't need which has this plug on it.
  7. Hello all. I am in desperate need of a new 3 pin electrical connector for one of my headlights on R34. The plug has been holding on by a thread and wires are in all sorts of bad condition. I need to replace ASAP and have no idea where I can find the plug. Might start trying some wreckers I guess. I'm happy to repin the wiring, just need the plug. Any ideas? I grabbed the wiring harness diagram from a website and circled the 3 pin plug I'm talking about. I do not really want to go down the path of replacing the whole harness if I don't have to.
  8. Thank you all. I followed the help and advice given. Ended up going to Repco and got a replacement nut. Easy fix. Haven't been able to source a genuine bolt though. Still hunting. Thanks @Duncan. Went out and got some 6 point sockets to prevent these mishaps in the future. Great advice.
  9. To OP: What you describe sounds like my same issue. Ended up being a blown shock on one of my rear coilovers. Replaced and problem solved. Most issues people describe appear to either be incorrect pre-load, a blown shock or are indeed using race style suspension with no rubber mounts. Hope that helps.
  10. Went to change out my traction rods on the R34 and stripped a god damn nut. Even with soaking the living S**t out of them. They were really stuck on there. Anyone know where I can get replacements? Autobarn / Supercheap maybe? Want to replace the nut and bolt. Better to just put new in.
  11. Keen to know if anyone has tried replacing their R34 headlight lenses with BEHRMAN HEADLIGHT REPAIR LENS KIT. https://www.nengun.com/behrman/headlight-repair-lens-kit-r34-skyline Couldnt find anyone talking about using them. Anf if you have, how would you rate them. Size, shape and fit compared to factory. Trying to decide between giving this a go or shelling out the coin for new ones. Mine are well past resto. Full of cracks.
  12. Hi all. Had a decent browse through the forums already. Haven't seen much convo on GK Tech products recently. Looking to do the usual stuff. HICAS delete, adjustable camber, castor, toe arms etc. I'be been looking at GK as an option. Just looking for some feedback from others who have real experience with their products. Do you recommend, or would point me somewhere else? Aiming at mostly street use and want to be able to track occasionally.
  13. Just wanted to say a big thanks to @ob1, @r34.bryan & @Gazzaa Ended up going with some Rota's. Really happy with the result. Thanks to your kind replies and info they fit perfectly. No scrubbing or guard rolling and car is lowered. Looks 100% better. For any other budding R34 Gtt drivers out there, this is what I went with. F: 18 x 8.5 +30 - 235/40R18 R: 18 x 9.5 +35 - 255/35R18
  14. Hello Ob1, Those work wheels look great on your 34. Bronze really pops against your blue. Nice choice. Thank you very much for sharing. Is your 2nd to last picture showing clearance between suspension and wheel/rim on the rear I take it? If so, thank you everso. Makes me comfortable about my wheel choice for the rear. 18x9.5 +35. I think 3mm closer will be fine. Looks like there is def room. I really wanted those same wheels but they don't seem to come in the colour I'm hunting for, gloss black. I'd settle for matt black but the pictures I've been looking at look more grey to me.
  15. To the OP. I've got 19's on mine with 245/40R19 and its not great. Doing a hell alot of research trying to narrow down widths and offsets for 18's on R34 GTT.
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