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  1. Yeah sounds about right. a/c condensor gets hot as part of its job, and fan pulls that warm air through radiator, reducing the 'heat exchange' effect
  2. Lewis Engines does them as well 👌🏻
  3. Ah righto, yeah i may have to do that. Thanks mate!
  4. Thanks for that, i actually saw this website earlier and it looks like they only do mats, not the carpet 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Hey all, i've had a bit of a look around online and its tough to find a place that sells new/repro R34 GT-T conplete floorpan carpet. Seen ones that have R32 and R33 carpets, but i'm yet to see any R34 ones for sale? Have i overlooked a website or retailer that sells them? cheers!
  6. Where are these trolley jack friendly provisions mate?
  7. Sounds good mate! If I'm not working i'll be there. 👌🏻
  8. Thanks mate. I bought as-is. No track days yet as driveline is all-stock and currently auto. It will be very different when its on the road again 🤙🏻
  9. Hey! bought my first skyline a few months ago, pulled the engine out to rebuild and mod with the intentions of a quick street car i can take to track days as well. Just lookin around the site to learn more, and hopefully attend some NSW cruises and stuff when the cars on the road again... cheers!
  10. Sounds like you need one of these badboys to sit on your trolley jack circle... allows you to lift from the 'pinch' points. Search around on ebay...
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