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  1. I think invidia have an Aus based warehouse so they should able to help you out. Alternatively try jdmaccessories etc or another jam parts store. If you don’t mind a slightly longer wait, buy from the states. Stock intakes with high flow panel filters & silicone upper tubes perform exceptionally well. Better than short rams & on par with long tubes, for half the price. Short ram intakes suck the hot air from the engine bay, reducing performance. Congrats on your new purchase 👍
  2. Welcome mate. I have a 2007 V36 sedan & I’m on the sunny coast too 😁 Endgame in north Brisbane would be the pick. Otaku garage as well. They’re in lawnton I think. Heard good things about both but haven’t personally used either. try & avoid the stealership if you can. Currimundi didn’t seem to want a bar of my car due to being an import. Hope to see you around
  3. You can definitively find out all about the car if you go to epc-data.com & type the vehicle number in there. It will tell you which type you have plus any features from factory. Otherwise there’s a few ways to tell but they aren’t always as accurate. Half leather seats are S & full leather seats are SP I think. Bose audio is SP also but don’t quote me haha. you’re best bet for the wing mirror would be to try to find one at the local wreckers. Prices can vary. Or buy new from amayama.com. Their prices are better than the dealers but they ship from Japan so it can take up to 6 weeks or so. Unfortunately carwings doesn’t work outside Japan. There are Bluetooth adaptors that work pretty well though. I have a wired rca connection to my phone as I use an obd11 Bluetooth dongle to read the output of the car
  4. Is the Ecutek memory thing only an issue if you want multiple maps? If so maybe a single performance map could be supported & be a better option than swapping in a newer ecu 🤷‍♂️ Sure it’s cool to have multiple maps if you can, but not everyone actually needs them. Have a look at your individual situation & how much you would use a valet map etc.
  5. Unfortunately the lenses can’t be replaced. You need the whole headlight assembly. Morimoto have made replacement lenses for the 370z & could make the same for the V36 but there is no guarantee. The yellowing can be cleaned up but mine has like spiderweb cracking in the lense which cannot be fixed, only replaced 😔
  6. Nice car mate 👌 I have a 2007 that I have done a fair bit to so if you have any questions shoot me a message I used to have the gen 3 intakes. They look & sound nice but keep in mind you’ll get the same performance benefit from high performance drop in filters for half the cost. Looks like you’re pricing is in usd as well & shipping from the US is an absolute outrage at the moment. gktech in Australia have just released a long tube intake so it may be more economical to buy from there. I'd be keen to hear your feedback on the English conversion as well 👍 It’s a good price but I’ve heard it only converts the menu’s & you won’t have working maps but not too certain. Looks like you have a great base there for an awesome build. Good luck down the rabbit hole man 😁
  7. Yeh I’ve been using the one from jaycar for years but could only get Nissan Data Scan 3 to connect. I haven’t tried realdash sorry
  8. Osram CBB seem to be very good. Continually recommended to me as arguably the best D2S replacement bulbs
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