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  1. Yes, I'd like one too. I'm near Sydney / Newcastle. I did get a quote < $500 from someone out Parramatta / Smithfield way a few years ago but didn't follow through
  2. I'd pay for the 4 centre caps - are they still available ?
  3. One of my C34 stagea's has a red fog light on the right rear door light cluster, and a clear reversing light on the left. The fog light switch is on the right hand stalk also used for the indicators and the headlights. It has three positions - off - front on - front & rear on. My other C34 stagea has two clear reversing lights and only front fog lights (in the bumpers), and the fog light switch is only on/off.
  4. where's the price ? admin told me I had to include price in my classified ad. Let me know how much you want for it
  5. I have a 1999 Stagea S2 RS Four auto/tiptronic with rear quarter panel damage - it's too expensive to repair but has everything else working. Engine, gearbox, windows, lights, doors (except tailgate), bonnet, et cetera are all in good condition and the car is still rego'd and legal to drive. If you want some parts, or the whole car, please get in touch
  6. Have you still got this car - my Stagea was rear-ended and is a write-off - so I need to replace her - I have cash
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