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  1. @Chris Rogers I have exactly the same problem. The key only works when put in the slot. Any ideas what the issue might be?
  2. Hey guys, the courier company broke the only FOB I had for my 370gt 2008. I'm trying to figure out how I can source a new one and then find someone who can program it for me. From what I understand I need to find a key with the same FCC ID. The FCC id of my spoilt FOB is 5WK48902 but it seems like most of the FOBs available online have the ID 5WK48903. What is the number you guys have on your FOBs? And o you guys reckon if I get the one with 5WK48903, it is going to work. I checked out the myg37 forums and it seems like most of the US infinity g37s work with the 5WK48903 FOBs. Thanks for your help!!
  3. Hey guys, Any one found a solution to this? I just broke my fob and am looking for a solution too. Thanks a lot!
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