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  1. M35.Groot

    Failed Coil

    Wow aren't you a nice guy !! I don't know enough to say as haven't had the M35 very long so have to go with others experience . I have come across some very knowledgeable owners who have waaay more experience than me and I'm just relaying their wisdom . I have read many times that Splitfire are not as good as OEM . Did you miss the part on the site where it states that these are O.E.M Hitachi coils or did you just make assumptions because they are a low price ??
  2. M35.Groot

    Failed Coil

    Basically all V6 Nissan coils will fit all other Nissan V6's but not the 370z , apparently even the Elgrand , HOWEVER the VQ25det coils are of a higher spec than all other N/A coils I believe . From what I have been told even the Splitfire's are not built to the higher turbo spec and are nowhere near as good as the OEM turbo coil , bit naughty of them to list them for the 2.5 turbo V6 . That link I provided is an OEM Hitachi coil and it is the replacement for the 22448-AL610 .
  3. M35.Groot

    Failed Coil

    Had a miss fire when hot under load , sourced a spare AFM from a Pulsar but no change , bonus is now have a spare one . The car had Yellow Jacket coils already fitted and they will now be referred to as Brown Undies as they are full of shite !! Brown Undies are not very old either . Chris donated 5 OEM coils and they where fitted along with new Platinum plugs and miss fire is gone . Fitted cylinder No:1 Brown Undie coil in cylinder @ position so at least one was good !! Now have a bit of an education about coils and it seems that even Splitfire are not built to the quality of the Hanshin OEM coils . Part number 22448-AL610 has been superseded by Hitachi 22448-AL61c and I found these https://zspeed.com/product/hitachi-oem-ignition-coil-pack-set-of-6-350z-g35/?fbclid=IwAR20oT7-vw_MVUHBVu6PdOte_RXjEai_nKyzVEkWNRQLstuqAWxiNg1L-6M The price is right and then some but are they as robust as the OEM turbo coils ???? Time will tell as we will be getting some .
  4. Picked up 5 coils this arvo but also was schooled up on whats what with coils !!!
  5. Chasing a secondhand M35 coil pack or maybe a quick swap-over to test for a miss . 350z/v35/Maxima/Elgrand V6 are also the same .
  6. Cannot quite work it out . The car is in very good condition and you can see if hasn't been abused . They are a foot brake so maybe it just got forgotten ?? Fuel mileage must have been horrendous !!
  7. I have a 350Z mid pipe and it matches front and rear but is about 50 mm short .
  8. Just purchased M35 had no working park brake even after adjusting it up at the peddle . A strip down of the rear showed no friction material left at all !! Babies shoes all worn out . It turns out that Repco actually have listings for the M35 Stagea park brake shoes but not for the J1/J2 Maxima which have the same pads . All reveled in the pic's .
  9. Any chance this is still sitting on the shelf ?
  10. The intent was to do the oil change and filter including dropping the sump and drilling the 3 x banjo bolts out to 2 mm . Soooo dropped the sump [ which I might add was pretty clean inside !! With virtually no sludge and the pick up pipe was completely clean , explains partially why no turbo failure at 185,000K's ]. Anyhow decide to do the two inner sump banjo's first . My 2 mm drill was pretty old so went out and bought 3 new 2 mm drills in high speed steel . The banjo bolts seem to be high tensile but a good drill should be able to handle going from 1 mm out to 2 mm . Well not so as I broke the drill when it was almost through !! Not a total disaster but not real flash either . Went out again and got some cobalt drills , marked out the center and drilled through the back of the banjo bolt and then punched the broken drill out no probs . Drilled it to 2 mm then just welded up the 2 mm hole . The other two banjo bolts were drilled out to 2 mm no probs . As a note used a Z179A oil filter which is bigger than the Z436 and in fact the filter on it was a Z445 which is even smaller than a Z436 . Go figure . So oil change done with first mod with only a small hiccup.
  11. Word , meant to say V35 mid pipe !! Yep found out about the chain thing after a bought it...would still have bought it . Chains are meant to be life of engine , why Nissan M35 only go 200,000 or so ? Not worried about the job , used to run 2 x S3 RX7's with which I did all my own engine , gearbox and diff rebuilds .
  12. Wow !! Don't want to upset anyone , chill the whiskey factory guys 🙂 . First the radiator thing , I'm not saying it fails more than any other , however in the last two nights I have read at least 8 posts from different people that their radiator plastic tank has split , to me that means at 16 plus years old and however many K's the tanks split , I will be wise and replace it before that happens . V35 radiators bolt straight in and so do the air box's , what I don't know is if the shrouds swap over , I now have a V35 shroud with twin fans so will let you know . I will get an all alloy twin row oven brazed V35 radiator that I know will bolt straight in to the M35 with the V35 airbox . Something like this https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/All-Aluminum-Radiator-For-04-07-Nissan-Skyline-V35-350-GT-V6-Petrol-AT-2-Row/292747369595?fits=Plat_Gen%3AV35&epid=20024291071&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item44291a5c7b:g:39IAAOSwlY1ZGWtm&enc=AQAEAAACcIQvEcHUrT7nmUC3yY5qbPyaBN1nJEDYW8MyypsJPgXKMy1HQ5tqr4SizEZhU4A6p24OFt7rJh%2BdO2BEZmEPDW6%2FdjjBov%2BrSFU6l4fpRZl7yhLriYPIhwb7o5FTsYdxhb9OKP7OwzPAHwluI1Sgu7m90%2FJPzyf2KcEfSjKUMNNKb4k%2BofdpFVGNxlyCFrTifEPDiNBvEEBjcAXw1LOVimMAgz4L7jUqvyNWZDqGbQLSyDilZWixkqP1436m56%2BGjFdTTX5UVnMTVXDkoWUck0NTxUcJ%2B5bGmCEkPrY%2FjDy6vEkNus0sKE2OBmzG%2FJiIOE9co5hh2aohSc%2BK41SCIyXWZTbKNNzPAVutlMBYgNxti7b3haPUaQQ8%2B4xmSI%2FkPiEPaVL0p44yOLc9SkkyOCQYtAZ66xYDg1unRrLPjk32Q7u8KOA3oa2Z%2FFtRoZXsKQfGYjUMV0pxmsymTuXNTSxg5XWoeiYBH9LO4gYJQZP7LN6jYG%2BFVKdy8De1U5sLXIun5W2GPd0o7DUnwseEJFakrTVqSMPRGnAvGwIZhAwj0YcZnDpI6Oan9F2sPxeMssVAO1rVzutwd8vvtp9DWe5kiDZQ87JLvcGm%2FllcWoLwHeHBLngW1KqB%2BLZC3CsQK3a%2Bil11ZYxfh9kJptOLYj3eQSdQDc09n%2Bj08iBLckScUmQVTqzyzI28EogKLspt8l56KynEiZvVlRkxRsUhhyWjXikj0xVkTc6ZBPvsbkWXK8Ve2VjuvsY4mP188zjS71cfxpsaKd2hVZOKLc7hUDXrqeiBHjFbHErgxvoEuFI1b1sYCIAUvLSOYcd72XzYAQ%3D%3D&checksum=292747369595139f4f688d414f178dd6023d81e75d32 I would think that a radiator made to replace the V35 radiator would take the same shroud and I have used ebay radiators before with total success . As to the V35 electric fans I will let you all know how it all goes...good or bad .
  13. I'm sure you do know about these things however if you read the post carefully you will note I'm going to use genuine NISSAN fans from a NISSAN V35 and shroud not some random aftermarket fans . Also I wish to eliminate the 6Hp odd loss that a viscous fan sucks away . My car is still running the stock pithy radiator and I'm aware they fail so will fit an all alloy twin core radiator to avoid that which can't hurt .
  14. I have just acquired the M35 250RSTurbo and have a post up elsewhere but thought this topic needed it's own identity . I have read up about the 3200 CFM fan and the failures of going to electric thermo fans . It seems to me that if you consistently require that kind of cfm then perhaps the radiator is a bit undersized . We all know that after about 40 Kph there is more air coming in than the fan can pull so we want the fan to stop otherwise it impedes the incoming air blah blah blah . I am very unhappy with the roar and would have gone to good quality thermo's but having read up about do not need to follow suit . However being the same as the V35 chassis I decided to check out the later 3.5 engined [ is that a word ?? ] V35 and they have thermo fans but still the tiny single row radiator . Was that a cost cutting exercise to have a viscous...Yuk !! Anyhow the intent was to get a V35 radiator with fans knowing that the radiator will bolt in to M35 but the fan shroud might not bolt to the M35 radiator . Whew , did you get that , was dam hard to write . So couldn't get a radiator but do have the shroud with the twin fans , will be checking if it swaps in later today . I'm not noble enough to believe I might be the only one to think of this or maybe I am ?? Has this been done ? Was it successful ?? I think a twin row radiator will help as well and seeing that the tanks fail will go an all alloy radiator in the future , what is everybody else running . Thoughts please including if you think I'm a raving lunatic !!
  15. Hi all first post so be gentle . I have just acquired a 2002 250RS Turbo with 185,000 K's on it . The car is bone stock apart from a blow off valve . The car has the self closing tail gate [ an option I believe ] the pop up screen with Nav , no reversing camera and it has Hicas . I have done a bit of reading [ mostly on here so thank you SAU ] and I have a list of things to get done . 1: unplug the Hicas at the back and then remove the warning bulb from the cluster . As an add on to this I currently have no cracking in the rear at all and would like to keep it like that and it seems Hicas cars are more prone to it . 2:Fresh new full synthetic oil and filter , going to run a 10/40 and also have a Z179A filter which is bigger than the tiny Z436 so we will see if it fits as I have both . I intend to see how quickly the oil darkens to decide how long I will run it , hoping to get 8000K's . Not going to mention what brand as do not want to start an oil brand debate !! Again from what I have read I have a mods list of must do things , I will be going through and doing all the fluids starting with the engine oil and filter today . Intending to do the three banjo bolt mods as doing oil change anyway including dropping the sump to do the internal sump banjo bolts , it looks like the sump can be dropped without having to lift the engine...I hope . Going to have a shot both ways and will drill it out to 2 mm , it seems that 3 mm might be a step too far . It seems an engine oil cooler is a must . I have a really nice ex V8 supercars cooler which will do just nicely !! Any recommendations on brand of sandwich plate ? Also a transmission cooler is a must as well it seems and will do a flush and fill with Nulon full Synthetic . Also on the list is one of Mr Star Treks coolant tap thingies , is he still in action ? And also along those lines I will be trying to get a spare stock turbo to have it tickled by Mr Star Trek and have it ready to go , the car has done 185,000 K's and from what I can tell the turbo is fine . This looks like being a bit exceptional as turbos fail normally sooner than that ??? I have already obtained a 350Z mid pipe so will be crawling under to make sure it swaps in as I have been led to believe ?? Will do a tail pipe at some time in the future but the intent is to keep mods mild . I believe one part of the exhaust is quite restrictive so would like to know more about this. My pol's for the long post but on a search for knowledge and please let me know if I've got anything not quite right !!
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