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  1. Really mate I haven't really had much to do with the RB parts as a whole I been into more V8's but I am really loving the RB's. I have seen the limited slip upgrade for them is that the better way to go?
  2. Cheers bro I'm setting up for street n track I been researching and I'm just going to aim for 500hp I'm going to run a 6 speed manual transmission and I can apparently get a 9 inch diff made
  3. Well at the moment mate I'm rebuilding a LS3 engine out of a senator from ground up and my skyline is my next project I was just seeing what other people thoughts were hoping there was people on here to throw out ideas I might not have thought of
  4. Thanks fella's I'm going to be doing most of the stuff I can do
  5. G'day ppl could I get pointers on a full rebuild of anRB@% GTST Series II engine for 500 to 1000 hp. I'm after horsepower and reliability together I dont want to be breaking somthing all the time lol. How much roughly could the rebuild cost aswell rough figures of what other ppl have spent and the ideas aswell would be helpfull. Im also south of brissy qld so any shop recommendations would be greatfull to.
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