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  1. @PLYNXThere is no point in answering this. I only asked for one problem. then I have already said what my problem is ... when the big turbo starts running it no longer makes 2bar .. I wanted to reach at least 2.8bar. what's wrong with you? sorry.....
  2. @PranKI don't want to learn anything, at least for now! ._. .. I wanted to solve the turbo problem that does not pressure. but everyone tells me to put the n2o. I don't use n2o or these games
  3. because of the forum. I thought it was a general forum and you could talk about everything
  4. @BKwait. I don't know what the translator made me write?
  5. @LoreyPeterson asshole
  6. all right. thank you all
  7. @GTSBoyalready done it once the conversion. I don't feel like doing it again. and I want diesel.
  8. @KiwiRS4Talready done. nobody did this type of processing. thank you all..
  9. @Predator1I don't want to do any engine conversion. I want my engine. I'm interested in doing 2.8 bar. then I will see the spool later
  10. @PranKif I have not misunderstood you mean the type of engine? it is an bmw n47 150cv cammon rail. mounted cp3 r90 pump and cpc 8 hole injectors. and then the usual things: exhaust, intercooler, filter, camshaft with higher profile etc.
  11. as already said of how I manage the turbo. (with the geometry map) since I don't use it. the k26 has a fixed geometeia. what am I doing wrong?
  12. @GTSBoyI do not know what you mean. but am I wrong?
  13. @PranKwhat do you want to know? for my problem
  14. @PranKvalve 1 and 3 are managed by the geometry map which is completely open at 4200rpm. while the discharge valve is always closed. because it doesn't pressure
  15. @PranKHi sorry. I had problems with the car. I put the 3 notch head gasket. I would not like to have lost some compression on the engine
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