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  1. Yeah man I'm not really sure what you mean, I've got too many wires to know which ones are wire a or wire b. So far I plugged it all together and have gotten the indicators and high beam (pulled back) to work but the foglight still isn't working. A little stumped atm so any advice or a nudge in the right direction will help a ton.
  2. So recently I have installed a GTR foglight onto my GT-T and have also bought a GTR right indicator stalk which has the foglight switch. I was wondering about how to rewire the previous RHS reverse light into a foglight using the switch on the stalk and how you went about if you've done it before. Cheers
  3. That could be it, need to check grounds with a voltmeter. I'll see how it goes
  4. After jump starting the car, opening the door will turn on the right side indicator. It will flash slower than the normal indicator speed. No matter how long the car has been on, opening the door will start it and it will only end once the door is closed or turning the left indicator on for a bit. Please help as I'm clueless in the department of electronics. 20210304_161932.mp4 20210304_161932.mp4
  5. Been surfing around and haven't been able to come across a place where these specific boot clips are for sale let alone a photo. These are on a 1998 R34 GT-T. Any links or advice is appreciated:)
  6. My R34 currently has a vintage greddy grex shift knob and has extreme wear. Are there any places in Sydney that would be able to restore it back to a near new state?
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