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  1. I guess if you upgraded the pump, but I’d do the hardwiring anyways. Probably stupid question, but the fuelpump sits in its bracket mounted correctly inside the tank? Ive seen pumps not being mounted properly and just lying free around inside the tank since it can be hard to put it back correctly. All of the cylinders are running?
  2. Been through about the same with my Skyline. Try hardwiring your fuelpump for starters, and fuelpumps do go bad, so might also be that. You running stock injectors?
  3. Hey! If this is not appropriate I will delete the post. I got a Blitz SBC ID3 Boostcontroller I just pulled from my R33 rb25det, not needing it after ecu swap. Anyone interested in this? I really don’t know what it’s worth, so hard to say a price, help is appreciated. Also got a Greddy Speedlimiter cut for sale. Both are used. Items are located in Norway, but I can ship them.
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