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  1. Hi mate i have done this conversion my self not straight forward but not impossible. Yes front rails are different a bit of welding needed here I cut channels for front drive shafts and welded strengthening plates in place to keep it nice and ridged. Then you need to modify front sub frame because the last two bolt of the sub frame nearest the bulk head don’t touch the gtst rails about 15mm gap I think. Then you need to modify floor just behind drivers left leg for gearbox transfer case and on the same side you need to strengthen the chassis boxing for gearbox mounting and on top of that you have the dreaded wiring the best way to cut the wiring head ache down is to use full race torque controller instead of Nissans atesa unit do away of the electric diff and get yourself a two way limited slip then your full race controller only has to work gearbox a lot less wiring you still need pump unit in the back though. Hope this has helped 👍
  2. M8 that’s going to be badass what’s you bhp goal ?
  3. Thanks for reply 8000 rpm is not a bad target I would put new lifters in as I’m going this far anyway. have you used these cams or know anybody that has. I’m toying with the idea of solid lifters but when I saw that Kelford did cams with 10mm lift and keeping NVCS it got me thinking what’s your preferred option? Thanks Jason
  4. Hi everyone a newbie to the forum striping down the r33 gtst for a fresh up and the fact I put a rod through the block didn’t help so thought I’ll get it built properly this time. just wondering if anyone has used Kelford’s 246-b cams don’t seem to be much on the web about them. I know they have 10mm lift a bit of machining is required and you can get springs from kelford to work with them that’s all I know any ideas of max rpm possible? Supporting mods so far are Fresh rb25 wc34 block which has Westwood cylinder liners fitted had oil returns drilled out 1mm, RB26 crank which has come back from machine shop lightened and balanced, king racing xp main and big end bearings, wiseco boostline rods, cp 86.5mm pistons, nitro oil pump, Nissan r33 gtr sump with hi octane wide wing sump extension, haven’t restricted block oil feed yet as not sure on hydraulic or solid lifters. Cylinder head so far rear oil drain, machined around oil galleries port and polish and that’s about it for now. billet intake manifold with 90mm throttle body’s haven’t decided on injector sizes yet exhaust manifold is t4 twin scroll twin wastegate with 2x tial 44mm wastegates planing on using a mamba FTC gt45r turbo with a/r 1.22 housing heard nothing but good vibes on them. Any feedback would be appreciated
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