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  1. Had a productive day. I installed my new thermostat, spark plugs, and changed the oil. Also, I went to my friend's garage to pick up the hankook dynapro hp2. I will test fit them on my m35 next week.
  2. Nice ride! I always like the BMW wheels.
  3. That's a nice exhaust setup. I'm curious about the sound.
  4. Bump. I'm curious also as I have a set of used R33 GTR wheels that I need to fix.
  5. Try to watch some Youtube videos that provide tutorials and tips also.
  6. Looks clean. Any information about the wheels?
  7. Welcome aboard. You have a nice collection of rides!
  8. I heard that bolt-on spacers are not advisable for track use.
  9. Could be a wiring issue. Get a diagram and start from there.
  10. How's the performance of BC's? Are they stiff?
  11. I like the design, but unfortunately it is sold out already.
  12. Applying a good coat of anti-seize product is a good method also.
  13. Any pics? I'm planning to get new wheels for car also.
  14. Been using NS70MF for two years now and I have no complaints.
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