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  1. ok thaks for that. yeah i just read up on the 34 boxes about the pull/push type. main concers was the clutch/flywheel as its got a hd clutch of some sort and was thinking thats gona be extra cost if would have to change at the same time. the sender that i have is either a s14/13 silvia was was just wired up to the loom with the gearbox reverse/neutral i spun the sender with my fingers out of the box and moved the needle on the speedo. from what i have read the 25gearbox sender should just wire up if anything change the plugs. yeah my bad i did mean tailshaft.
  2. yeah i thought so. looks like im in the market for a big box then. I have looked at a few old posts re guarding the conversion to 25detbox and looks like i need crossmember and front driveshaft but have a few questions about some other things. the cars an r33 factory auto 25det thats been converted to 20detmanual can i use any of the old set up, ie flywheel/clutch/slave and master with the 25 box?
  3. Havnt had the car long and speedo didnt work when i got it. whiped the sender out and the gear was all munched but looked in the hole to check the gear in the box and low and behold. anyone broken these before? can you replace the gear yourself without much hassle? or cheepish at the box shop. was thinking about getting a 25det box in the future but may have to get it out of the way now. the sender that was init doesn't look like a nissan one anyone know?
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