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  1. Doesnt feel like I have any power loss, No stalling no Hunting Recently went for a drive just to test, Doesnt appear to be leaking very much at all even if I put my foot down a few times
  2. It doesn't feel like power steering fluid, the fluid feels thick, I will give it a clean and have a lookout for where it may be coming from thanks
  3. Hi Guys, I have recently bought a Nissan Stagea M35 2001 model qv25det, There is an oil leak located on the intercooler, What would be like likely caused of this leak? I believe the turbo was replaced last year buy the seller and I am having trouble finding where the turbo is, Is there any schematics to locate the turbo locations to find out if the leaking is coming from there? Not sure if you guys need any other photos, there is also some old oil left on the intercooler pipe leading to the intercooler. Let me know if you have any ideas Thanks guys
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