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  1. Hey, figured id pop back in on this. I did wind up getting the car running right again with no breakups at high rpm, poured in some fuel injector cleaner/octane booster with 5 gallons of fresh high octane gas, problem gone after it ran for about 30 minutes revving here and there. Drove it around an out about 20 miles on it in the days after with pulls up to like 6800 rpm I wanna say, didn't go too harsh on it but did get to full boost a few times, and plugs were no longer super white like they were, and now look perfectly fine. I did also double check gap on all plugs, checked vacuum lines, checked fuel pump pressure, voltage, timing, everything was good. Hard to believe just stuffy injectors can throw you through a loop, but when you start doing dumb things as I did, it wastes your time. Thanks for help and slapping me on the right track, appreciate it!
  2. Ok I'll stop being dumb, I'll try doing it the right way before I break something.
  3. Ok so car ran good a few weeks before I bought it. (After belt was changed) it developed a misfire and he replaced coil packs to no avail, and that's when I bought it (knowing it had a misfire) So I was troubleshooting the fuel system today and unplugged vacuum from fpr to fuel rail and see if it would increase pressure and make it run rich while also checking vacuum. It has good vacuum at idle, but the car still runs lean. Now I'm targeting fuel pump issues whether its voltage or pump weak.
  4. That what I am thinking too!!! Will double check this because I don't think someone does a timing belt on a car that runs lean.
  5. Whenever running it with it, getting really bad studder down low, unplug throttle response seems to improve and engine runs quite a bit steadier.
  6. MAF is genuine nissan. Connections look good but will do further inspection of them. Will ask previous owner about this.ill try to get ahold of him, but if the fuel pressure was low then why would it run fine in limp mode?
  7. Yes I know there's a few forums but none have been able to lead me to a fix for my 89 r32 gts-"t" The reason I use quotes around the t is because this car is a factory 1989 skyline gts rb20de 5 speed. I've just bought the car and the previous owner had told me fuel pump has just been done. Car is turbocharged with rb20det parts using det intake, turbo, manifold, and probably various other things to swap to det (also has large front mount intercooler). I do know that the timing belt has just been changed right before I got it, and has new coil packs on it. I've put about 120 miles on the car and pulled the plugs and the car is running very lean. It's noticeable with a rough idle and breaking up at high rpm under boost. Changed fuel filter thinking that was it but did nothing though it was dirty. Changed MAF as well because it was filthy, cleaned it, still ran bad, so I bought a new one to no avail. Ive sprayed starting fluid all around the intake and hoses and I am unable to trace a leak anywhere. So I am stuck at the moment and starting to lean towards a dodgy fuel pump or stuffy VID_20200620_134444.mp4 VID_20200620_134444.mp4 injectors, but it runs great with MAF unplugged, although I'm only able to rev it to what is it like 3 thousand in limp mode. Also with it unplugged it idles at like 1200 rpm. Idk just want some more feedback from people who know these cars better than I do. VID_20200629_142454.mp4
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