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  1. I'm taking my rear diff off next weekend for maintenance purposes and was wondering if I should repack my cv joints while I'm there? The engineer in me is saying that grease after 31 years must have deteriorated but the normal part of me is saying don't waist your time... Googling reveals it's a "thing" on old Porsches. Good preventive maintenance or don't waist my time? Thoughts?
  2. What have you checked so far? Did this just randomly start happening? Did the car idle correctly in the past?
  3. As already mentioned now, you can't run nistune on an R33 RB25 ecu. Get rid of it. Hopefully you're not currently driving around like that either. Cheers.
  4. Are you running a stock 25det ecu? A different AFM will not give you more power, well not in the sense I believe you think.
  5. The S1 RB25DET MAF is the same as an RB20 but I don't believe the S2 is, I may be wrong though. Confirm which one you have.
  6. Heat wrapping manifolds is known to occasionally cause this. I would only consider it on a cast manifold.
  7. This has been resolved by rotating the stator/casing presumably to its original location. No idea why or how this would cause what was happening but it's fixed.
  8. I took my wiper motor off this weekend to clean up the aluminum and paint the steel parts (I was clearly bored). After reinstallation, when I start my wipers they now run in reverse just a tad, hit the cowl and then move forward and wipe the windshield. If I adjust the wipers so that it does not hit the cowl, they then park too high when I turn them off. Anybody ever seen this before? Thanks
  9. Lift your carpet and remove the plastic being held in with 3 screws. Both my inner sills exactly at the same spot had decent rust due to this. Somewhat easy cut & weld job though. Cheers.
  10. I have never noticed there being any plastic box type things inside an R32 GTSt tank. Have any pictures? If you don't have a picture, point it out in this parts diagram. Buy genuine fuel tank (chassis) for Nissan Skyline 8 generation 05.1989 - 07.1991 from Japan - Amayama
  11. Some are very clean like mine, but a lot of rusty ones must of ended up in the US. We use to say Japan sent us all their old garbage cars... and now unfortunately we're passing it on to Americans.
  12. Sadly I believe Canada killed a lot of R32's. 10-15 years ago, they littered the streets due to their low price/potential but unfortunately they were also considered easily dispensable (You could buy GTR's for 6-7k cdn). Most ended up scrapped. Nothing as bad as Pulsar GTI-R's though... they were mostly purchased as winter beaters and rotted away due to road salt. They started making a comeback about 2 years ago due to American's being allowed to import them, along with a huge price increase.
  13. I wrote this at 4am. Rear main seal if it's motor oil, tranny input shaft seal if it's gear oil. Cheers.
  14. You did not answer if you actually have a fancy transmission/concentric slave setup. If you have a stock transmission then it is gear oil and you also have a rear main seal to replace that is presumably not relevant to your current issue.
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