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  1. At the price they cost, I would toss/return them. Even if they worked fine, the added stress of always thinking about them is not worth it.
  2. Think of the children. Foruming whilst intoxicated is never ok!
  3. and that's only when they're not busy spinning bearings or blowing head gaskets.
  4. As GTSBOY has said, I would also take the opportunity to upgrade to integral igniters. If you want something on the cheaper end; use newer S2 coil packs like spitfires or OEM. Cheers.
  5. I had the same thing happen to me last year on my 2010 rogue. It was the TB. That being said I had a check engine pop up though instantly. I could barely rev above idle and I had zero power. I turned it off/on a couple times and it went away and never came back. If ever it's your CVT, our transmission warranties were extended to 10 years over here in Canada(Presumably worldwide) as Nissan was aware of issues. Mine was fine but I had it replaced last year before the warranty ran out... I just made shit up about it making noise on the highway and It was replaced 2-3 days later. Cheers.
  6. You seem to already have your mind made up but the best use you can get out of that block is turning it into a table or some other decoration. I'd feel safer making 500hp with an RB20 block then that thing. Cheers.
  7. What he said. Battery offset, Latency, lag, dead time are all the same thing.
  8. Manufacturers state normal oil consumption for warranty reasons. If any modern car was burning 1L of oil per 1000kms, they would all be bankrupt due to warranty work. Think of it, that's anywhere between 8-15L added between oil changes, depending on the manufacturer. Cheers.
  9. I'm almost at 300rwkw and burn zero oil. Adding 1l per 1000km you would almost do two oil changes before your oil change is actually due. I'd consider 1l per 5000kms borderline. Only time I've seen engines burn that much oil is when they were on their death bed or bubba did something funky with his crankcase ventilation or turbo oil return. Unless you swapped in a 2 stroke or a rotary, I'd look into fixing that.
  10. I can't tell by your photo's exactly what portions of your rails are damaged but I just checked and Nissan actually still produces at a fair price most of the rail. Cheers.
  11. I really like it. If there's any part of it that I'm not 100% on; it's the rear.
  12. Welcome! I'm also from Canada and I get all my parts directly from the dealer. Nissan Canada can get anything directly from Nissan Japan, and some times weirdly enough has it in stock (Ex. My R32 skyline rear interior trims they had in stock at the Montreal warehouse) It's also always cheaper then you will find online. Cheers.
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