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  1. i have now taken a look with a camera on the cylinder walls, it seems like there is a decent amount of scratches in all cylinders, i suspect this is just normal wear, due to the engine being almost 30 years old. in cylinder 3 there seems to be one scratch that is alot deeper than the others, this one seems to be quiet deep into the cylinder wall. i understand that this can explain the pressure in the sump and blowing out the dip stick. do you guys think i should continue searching for other issues that may cause the engine running rough, or should i pull the engine now, any suggestions on what to do?
  2. I get that there is alot that can cause this. i have checked the cas, maf's, injector filters, fuel pressure, i dont have a cat, i have a new coil loom, timing, and that the timing belt has not jumped a tooth. still i understand that there is a hundred more things that can cause this. anyhow thanks for the input.
  3. Recently my R32-GTR started running really rough at all rpms, so i did a compression test. the results: Cylinder 1: 165 Cylinder 2: 165 Cylinder 3: 130 => 165 when doing a wet test. Cylinder 4: 155 Cylinder 5: 165 Cylinder 6: 175 Cylinder 3 with 130 concerns me, do i need a rebuild? should i check for other reasons my engine is running bad? and what could cause this (suspect its the infamous ringland) i also have pressure in the sump, but no smoke from the exhaust. extra: i have changed, injectors, plugs, coil, ignition module and wiring loom so far. Thanks for all replies! :) -NorGodzilla
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