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  1. G'day everyone A while ago I've noticed my R32 GTR's brake cylinder is leaking where it meets the brake booster.(non Brembo brakes) Do you recommend rebuilding/resleeving at a brake shop? Buy an identical new one? or do I step it up a notch to a bigger one (R34 GTR etc...)? Ideally a straight swap over without any modifications would be good. Non track but heavy duty street use car so good braking is a must.👍 Cheers.
  2. Hi lads. Looking to do a transmission/diff fluid change not sure of what the the oil/quantity to use. Transmission: OS Giken close ratio gear set with a strengthened input shaft Rear diff: Nismo 1.5 way GT Pro Cheers..
  3. Hi guys. Noticed my R32 GTR's brake cylinder is leaking at where it meets the brake booster. Seen a few options out there like the N1 R32 (BM54) brake cylinder option another opinion is the R34 GTR's(BM57) brake cylinder and there's always the aftermarket ones ?Do I want to stick to genuine? Any advice on what change the leaking one with? Also, after some advise for some new brake pads. currently running the ferodo racing pads and the squeak coming out of them is becoming un tolerable (still running stock brakes). Cheers. Daniel.
  4. Hi guys, Looking get a bit more out of my GTR currently tuned at 430RWHP. those are the current mods: 2860-5 turbos, Apexi power FC, 3 inch exhaust with custom dump, HKS intercooler, HKS fuel rail, HKS 680cc injectors, Tomei fuel pump, HKS cam gears, Adjustable FPR, OS Giken gear box, OS Giken twin plate clutch Nismo 1.5 GT PTO rear diff and more.. Ideally would like to do a single turbo conversion and build the motor but not just yet. Wanting to hit around the the 400-450RWKW on E85 with a new Haltech Elite 2500. What mods/upgrades will I need? any other suggestions? Thanks for your time. Daniel.
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