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  1. Okay man I had this exact problem that you describe today and it was fixed by replacing the battery. Your battery might be near new but maybe it’s faulty or not connected properly. I hope this works for you too.
  2. Hey guys for anyone interested or for anyone with this problem in future, in my case it was the battery needed replacement. All solved now. Happy as.
  3. Update: i got a battery replacement for the key. Didnt work.
  4. I seem to have a very similar problem right now. I hope i don’t have to tow it like you did.
  5. Hey ive had no problems with this car before its perfect but i might have tripped the Immobiliser somehow. It wont start now. it was sort of turning the engine but not starting at first for a while but now the engine doesnt turn at all either after a few tries. The security light is on when the car is locked and im outside but off when im in and its unlocked so not sure what this is. i might call in a mobile mechanic but do you think they can help? edit: key light is on as well and windows stuck too
  6. Thanks. Good point. I guess i’ll go by that for the year.
  7. Whoops sorry. Thanks! This is the actual one. When i search this one it still says not found but narrows it down to a 2008 at least from the look of it which is good. I’m not sure the difference between sp and all that.
  8. Thanks guys. Looking up the vin in that link unfortunately did not turn up a result. heres the vin i found and input
  9. Hi guys, I recently bought a v36 that i am pretty sure is a 2008 but there is no documentation to tell me for sure what year or model it is. I know there is software where you can identify your car but to be honest I’m not great with computers. Is there any way i can identify my car? Should i take it to Nissan?
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