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  1. OK, thanks👍, and this is where to make the change?Because if it's too hard I wouldn't take a r34 neo😅
  2. Hi every one ,if i buy an RB25DET neo +motor harness + ECU ,compatible on a r33 gts-t without modification,thanks 🙂
  3. Hi everyone, here I am coming to collect some information because I don't know in how long I will do it, but here I am going to start my research to buy a spec2 engine for my R33 GTST S2, and my questions are, because I have seen several versions if the compatibility is good ... for this engines (RB25DET from Stagea Spec 1,2,3, RB25DET AWR, and RB25DET Spec1,3) would be compatible with our r33 GTST S2 and manual gearbox, and if so ,what modifications to do if there is .., the only thing I know is that the Spec 1 are compatible with modifying ignition, and for the RB25DET in AWR it is modifying the oil pan, i have also a loom and ECU RB25DET S2 manual gearbox,thanks🙂.
  4. Sorry my message was not sent, in fact I wanted to know to switch to GTR if I can put spec 1 gtst lights with GTR carbon hood? I already have the fasteners for the front, for the bumper and the front fenders I put fiber,and for the r33 gtr car , I would like but it's too expensive, because I live in France and here the price of GTR it's hot 😞
  5. Hello everyone, here I bought a r33 GTS-T SPEC 2 without motor and harness, I bought an engine harness (SPEC2) and when I installed it, at the connection of the 'ECU, I have 1 relay (blue)and 2 plugs on my harness, but on the car I have the location of a plug (the largest in the middle), and the other the small one I have nothing (the second plug of the beam does not connect to it), I wanted to know if this was normal, thanks .
  6. Hello every one i'm John, and thank you for the add on the forum, I have dream the nissan skyline for years, in particular the r34GTT 3Doors (today i have in my possession an S13 and 100nx GTI that i saved), living in France it's quite complicated to have one(R34GTT) in a rolling shell/salvage/wrecking state , I hope that around here I will find my happiness and I hope I post in the right place ,thank you.?
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