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  1. Will this be in Jersey? Can you PM me some information about this? Thanks
  2. I’m pretty sure it’s QM1 Cloud White, but I can double check. The car was painted at some point. It looks like an “okay” paint job, cleans up nice haha
  3. Sounds good man, let me know! Ive seen about the same amount here, but still no 33’s (which I secretly like) haha. There’s a dude out in Fredericksburg with a 32gtr that goes by Goodezilla on YouTube. His car is supposedly pretty badass, like 600+whp. I think he’s part of a Skyline group of some kind, maybe 5 or 6 cars, all 32’s. I used to keep up on that shit on FB, but I’ve been social media-free for a few months now. I’m a little out of the loop now haha
  4. Haha yes sir! Nice to see another skyline owner so close! I’m over in MD a lot since I work over there, and my family is still there.
  5. Welcome dude! I just popped up here recently as I’m a new Skyline owner myself. I’m in VA, but grew up in MD. What part of MD, if you don’t mind me asking?
  6. We absolutely are affecting the prices over there. With our pesky 25 year rule, more and more JDM classics are starting to make their way over and all the old fanboys (like myself) are scooping them up quickly! I can only imagine what an R34 GTR will go for when they become legal. I've already done my part by overpaying for a used and abused 25 year old car! So you're welcome.
  7. So I did a few small projects last night, mainly just exploration to find some weird rattles and clunks under the door cards. I've found a few issues with the door locks, right off the bat. First off, the auto-lock feature does not work, although i can hear the door locks attempting to actuate every 2-3 seconds as soon as the car starts. I removed the door card to try and chase down the issue to no avail. I've also found that the driver's door lock button will lock the passenger door, but not the driver door. However, the central locking still works as I can manually work the driver door lock and it works the passenger lock as well. I've read a few things about cutting the GRN wire at the central locking brain to disable the auto locks. Can anyone confirm this? Behind the glove box, I found a bundle of wire and some sort of remote phone charger that had been cut off at some point. The bundle of wire runs to the back of the stereo and has a pink wire running to the ECU? for GPS speed input. This will all be removed when I replace the stereo with something that speaks English. I also went digging inside the trunk to disable the power antenna. Who listens to the radio anyways? Also, does anyone know what this relay is for? It's mounted right next to the power antenna motor on the passenger side of the trunk.
  8. Those prices are about the same here in the States! The dealer where I bought my R33 GTST had an R33 GTR that was sold in under 8 hours for well over 50k US. And to think, I was seriously considering buying a GTR haha.
  9. It’s a Carrozzeria (Pioneer) double din with GPS and SD Card capability! Other than the CD player, it’s absolutely useless. And from what I gather, it’s impossible to change the language on these. This, combined with OG speakers, makes for quite the audio experience! I feel like I’m in high school again; lugging around my 20lb CD case wherever I go! I’m actually in the process of gathering up new speakers and head unit to get with the times!
  10. Oh, I already am, dude. It's the people from my generation who know these cars. The kids nowadays have no clue, as with the older crowd. I at least tried to explain the car's significance to my 6 year old. She doesn't care about all that nonsense, but she does love the "whoosh noise" and the fact that there must be a small Japanese woman hiding inside my stereo who gives me random words of encouragement from time to time......
  11. I’m just a coupe kind of a guy, I guess! And my daughter is old enough that she can climb her ass into the back seat. I’ll leave the sedan thing to my wife haha My plan is to build the Skyline (finances-willing), but not to the point where it becomes uncomfortable and annoying to drive. So many times I’ve made the mistake of modding cars until I can’t stand driving them. I’m getting too old to be uncomfortable in my own car. There’s just something about older cars that I’ve always loved. My wife has a 2018 Civic Sport. It’s a manual (requirement for our household), but it’s too easy to drive and completely silent on the road. I need road noise (within reason) and rattles and squeaks haha.
  12. That's actually a good question haha. Basically, I've taken the Corvette about as far as I'd like to go with it (without another substantial investment). I have a daughter and the Corvette is very difficult to take places with the family, because of the lack of rear seats (obviously). I was looking into other American performance cars like the GTO (Monaro), G8 (Commodore), CTSV, Challenger, Charger, etc... They all have decent power and back seats. Problem is, everybody f**king has them. They're everywhere. To be completely honest, I'm not even really a big fan of American cars, besides the Corvette. On the other hand, I've always been in love with 90's Japanese cars, especially Honda's; my daily is a 98 EK Hatch (bone stock). I love the simplicity, and the feel of the car, so to speak. Unfortunately, Honda doesn't really have a performance car with back seats, besides the Type R. I test drove one at one point, super fun, but $40k, though? I looked into the USDM TT Supra, but have you seen the prices on these? That brought me into RHD territory, and nothing made more sense to me than the Skyline. I grew up playing Gran Turismo, watching the F&F movies (sue me), and wondering why the hell these cars were never sold here. Shit, until the day of my test drive, I had never even seen an R33 in real life. These are not cars you see on the street. I do rather enjoy seeing the looks of confusion on peoples' faces when they pull up next to me, trying to figure out what the hell kind of car that is, and why the idiot is sitting on the wrong side of the car. I wasn't prepared to spend $50k+ on a GTR, so I set my sights a little lower/realistically on the Type M. Less than half the price, but still a blast to drive. So here we are. I wouldn't exactly say that it's more satisfying to drive than the Corvette... I still prefer the feel of my face being pulled off when I launch it. I really enjoy the simplicity of it, the raw feeling of it. No driver aids, just me and the car. Sounds geeeey, but you get what I'm saying. It's different for you guys; you've been seeing these cars since Day 1, so it's no big deal. To us in the States, it's a unicorn.
  13. It's an 02 Z06 with the original LS6, definitely not a swap. 43k miles. Stock bottom end, heads have been ported/polished, SS valves, Virginia Speed custom cam, LG Motorsports long tubes, Billy Boat Bullets exhaust with high flow cats, Vortech V1 supercharger running 8psi. Holley twin-pump return fuel system. It made 610whp/507wtq on 93 octane. Stock trans with a McLeod RST2 twin-disk, stock (whiny) 3.42 rear. Pfadt Johnny O'Connell shocks and swaybars, otherwise stock suspension lowered on aftermarket bolts. I don't race often, but my best 1/4 mile is 11.17 @ 131 mph.
  14. That’ll be my next goal then; test the IACV apart, clean it and then reset the idle a bit higher. Thanks for the heads up.
  15. It has the factory BOV, which is plumbed back into the intake.
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