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  1. Who wants a Ferrari anyways? Might I suggest a Honda Civic? I daily a 98 hatchback and it's been the best car I've ever owned.
  2. I'm sorry; I'm still hung up on the fact that this guy is, "stuck with a G Wagon and an E63". You poor thing. It is true, though... since becoming legal in the US, Skyline prices have become outrageous. Us "AmErIcAnS wItH lImItEd KnOwLeDgE" now have access to the cars we idolized as kids, and are willing to pay outrageous prices for these tired old Datsuns. Truth be told, I paid around 19k for my R33 25T. Best bang for the buck? Abso-f**king-lutely not. Are there faster, cheaper, more reliable, more fun cars out there? Sure. For me, personally, I don't really care; the Skyline has "Zazz", for lack of a better word. Am I delusional? Probably. Since I'm all about giving unwarranted advice, I would suggest that if you can't convince your dad to allow to you buy the skyline, maybe set your sights a little "lower". For instance, an early C5 Corvette (97-98) has 345hp, is lighter, handles better, and is honestly more fun than a stock-ish Skyline. These can be had for nearly half what they're asking for said Skyline. Just saying... for $20k, you can certainly do better.
  3. Ya know, I try not to trouble myself with what's popular or trendy; I like what I like. I actually enjoy the hell out of my old, tired Nissan, even if it's not that fast and has skinny tires, or when random rednecks pull up next to me at stoplights and remind me that I'm sitting on the wrong side of the car (this happens almost every time I drive the car). It's what I wanted, so it's what I bought.
  4. Fantastic! Things are good; I’m still driving the car! Just went on a little cruise the other night! Glad to hear yours is almost done!
  5. Ya know, I looked at a few of Duncan’s GTS25T’s back in the spring/summer. They do indeed look like polished turds. Fresh paint jobs don’t hide the rust in the quarters and fenders. That’s why I ultimately ended up at Japanese Classics in Richmond to buy my R33. If you’re anywhere close to there, definitely check them out.
  6. I, personally, can relate to all of this. I've owned my C5Z since 2012 and I've dumped way too much money into it to make it a beast of a street car (in my opinion), but most of the time I'd rather drive my relatively stock R33 25t. Now, I'm sure it has a lot to do with the novelty of this car; hell, I've only owned it since July. It has even more to do with the fact that Skylines were never available here in the US. Corvettes are commonplace for sure, even the C7Z. Right now, an early base model C5 can be had for around 10-12k. I paid nearly double that for my tired old R33, but I have no regrets at all. Totally worth it to me. I blame the hours spent playing Gran Turismo as a teenager...
  7. It's funny; before I went to check out this car the first time, it was the first time I'd ever seen an R33 in real-life haha. I've had the car since July 15th, and I haven't seen another one yet. Come to think of it, I haven't seen any R32's since then either.
  8. Definitely let me know when you get it back on the road; I'd love to meet up and check that thing out!
  9. Well that's unfortunate, sorry to hear that. I've been driving the nuts off mine, all over the place man haha. As far as new additions, I installed a new stereo system. Nothing crazy, but way better than the OEM paper speakers. Tonight I'll be cutting the resonator out of the exhaust for a little more noise. It's got what looks like an Apexi Dunk Megaphone Honestly, that's about it. Home projects have slowed down the ole' Skyline fund!
  10. Good morning everybody (I guess it's night time there?). So, as I vaguely mentioned in my original intro thread, my R33 S1 25t is experiencing a weird idle issue. It's not so much an idle issue as it is a "returning to idle" issue. Overall the car idles and drives just fine, no hesitation or hiccups, but when it's warm and I'm in a situation where I'm inching in traffic or backing into my garage or a parking space, upon returning to idle, the engine bogs down to almost nothing, catches itself and then idles fine. On a few occasions, the car has completely shut off on me in stop and go traffic. Also, when I blip the throttle to take off from a stop, there is a slight off-idle hesitation and this has caused me to stall out more than once. I have completely disassembled the AAC, cleaned it and reset the idle a tad higher than it was. I've thoroughly cleaned the AFM and Seafoam'd the intire intake tract. I also replaced the (probably original) spark plugs with new Iridiums with no change and I'm getting a good fire to all cylinders. Does anyone have any ideas? I drove the car to work today, so I'll go out and take a quick video in case my description of the issue was in any way unclear. Thanks! EDIT: Before anyone asks, the only mods the car has are an HKS Pod and Apexi Dunk catback. The OEM BOV is still plumbed back to the intake...
  11. Got some photos of the finished product? I'm not completely sold on the vinyl wrap, but I will admit that I would like a subtle carbon fiber pattern. Nothing too flashy. I'd like the same pattern on the gearshift surround and the door window/lock trim. Right now, the gearshift surround and window switch trim are a glossy gunmetal color while the dash surround is... well, you can see. Shitty is what it is haha!
  12. Alright, so during my door speaker swap, I decided to try and tinker with this loose window switch. I removed the switch panel, popped off the window switch and a small piece of plastic fell out. I cleaned up all the grease with brake cleaner (on a cotton swab) and used some of the DevCon Plastic Welder stuff I “borrowed” from work a hundred years ago. I let it dry over night and tried to slide the pin back in. It was pretty tight so I tried to sand down some of the glue. That didn’t work, so I sanded the plastic pin just a smidge. Lubed it up and slid it in (giggity). All is well; my switch isn’t loose anymore, and I don’t hear the constant “clunk clunk” inside the door while driving. Two birds with one stone? My drivers door lock switch still doesn’t work, but that’ll move down the priority list since there’s a nifty manual lock bottom less than a foot away ??‍♂️.
  13. Just figured I’d let everyone know that I’ve found closure with this project haha. Got all the wiring cleaned up, removed the rats nest from the previous owners DIY LED lighting and phone chargers under the dash and bolted everything up with my new OEM DIN pocket. The new 6.5” Kickers sound excellent! Methinks it’s time to vinyl wrap the dash trim....
  14. Que? The head unit came with the metal DIN sleeve that didn't fit inside the OEM brackets so I ditched it. I screwed the brackets directly into the head unit and it fit tightly. I will probably drill some new holes in the brackets to set the head unit back into the dash a little further; right now it sits about 1/2" out past the HVAC controls. I guess I'll get all the wiring cleaned up and secured and then wait to button it all up until my DIN pocket comes in... then I'll make all the final adjustments. In the beginning, I had an issue with the head unit volume. I followed all of Crutchfield's directions to the T, but when I turned on the stereo, the volume was extremely low. After some research, I found that the RCA cables (came pre-wired into the adapter harness) were the problem. The main speaker wires were meant to be unused. I cut off the RCA cables, soldered in the speaker wires and all is right with the world. Just waiting on one more set of 6.5s and my stereo project will be complete. Damn COVID, everything is back-ordered.
  15. Right after I posted this thread, I remembered the guy at the JDM dealer mentioning a site called Terra Firma. I went and checked it out and found this little number here. I also read about people drilling new holes in the mounting brackets. I’ll get a closer look at it after work. Thanks for the insight, guys.
  16. Good evening guys, So I’m in the middle of a stereo install on my 95 GTS25T and I’m running into a pretty big issue. I’ve got the wiring figured out and everything works (after removing the supplied RCA outputs for the speakers), but I’m running into problems getting the head unit to fit the dash panel. Also, my “universal Nissan” dash kit proved to be all but useless. Also, the Pioneer’s supplied trim ring won’t fit inside the dash panel. Originally, the car had a double din Carrozzeria with GPS and all that jazz, but my new head unit is a single din Pioneer. I’ve read that the N15 Pulsar din pocket will work, but that shit is hard to come by in the US. Anyone have any ideas how to fill the space? PS, pardon the rats nest of wiring inside the dash; this is still in the test fit stage. Once everything is fitted well, I’ll clean up the wiring.
  17. Very interesting! I’ll dive into this project sometime this week. I’ll keep you guys posted, thanks so much for the insight!
  18. So could that have something to do with a very “loose” driver window switch? You even look at the switch and the window goes down. Also, the driver window works most of the time, but when I’m putting up both windows at the same time, the driver door sometimes waits a few seconds before working Also, what is the purpose of this amplifier, exactly?
  19. Good morning everybody. I’ve searched on this and can’t find anything on my specific problem. So I’m having a slight “annoyance” with my drivers door lock. The driver door will not lock/unlock by the switch (but the passenger door works just fine). Manually locking the door via the key or inside the car will lock the door (and the passenger side door). Now, the really annoying part is from the time I start the car to the time I shut it down, every 3 or 4 seconds the driver door lock attempts to actuate. This doesn’t always happen, but happens enough to drive me crazy when driving with the windows up. I should add that the speed sensitive auto locks have never worked. I was thinking of snipping the green wire at the brain to disable the feature altogether, hoping this would remedy my problem, but I wanted to find some more information before I decided to do that. Any thoughts? Car is a 95 GTS25T S1 without keyless entry or any type of alarm. Thanks!
  20. Will this be in Jersey? Can you PM me some information about this? Thanks
  21. I’m pretty sure it’s QM1 Cloud White, but I can double check. The car was painted at some point. It looks like an “okay” paint job, cleans up nice haha
  22. Sounds good man, let me know! Ive seen about the same amount here, but still no 33’s (which I secretly like) haha. There’s a dude out in Fredericksburg with a 32gtr that goes by Goodezilla on YouTube. His car is supposedly pretty badass, like 600+whp. I think he’s part of a Skyline group of some kind, maybe 5 or 6 cars, all 32’s. I used to keep up on that shit on FB, but I’ve been social media-free for a few months now. I’m a little out of the loop now haha
  23. Haha yes sir! Nice to see another skyline owner so close! I’m over in MD a lot since I work over there, and my family is still there.
  24. Welcome dude! I just popped up here recently as I’m a new Skyline owner myself. I’m in VA, but grew up in MD. What part of MD, if you don’t mind me asking?
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