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  1. Ye I was just informed it’s an os giken by last owner of the of the vehicle The orc is the twin plate In My car now
  2. Have a near brand new triple plate ogura racing clutch came off my r33 gtr only driven for approx 50km then installed twin plate back as it was to racy for daily driving paid $3100 brand new asking $1950
  3. Really happy with tune 366kw low boost 390kw 2nd setting and 420kw high boost 18.5psi IMG_5120.MOV
  4. Thanks deza3000 and Ben the guy I bought it off it was sitting In His garage on a trickle charger for 2 years and was running very rich And misfiring changed plugs and coil packs and tuning this Thursday and bought new rims 😃
  5. Yes I purchased the car last week with these modifications hence the old set up but yes I plan to change In future but havnt got funds right now on will delete the turbo timer ASAP cheers
  6. Getting tuned on Thursday will post it here thanks
  7. Uwish if you got that power I’d be over the moon to enjoy the car like that for a while on 98
  8. Thanks for the replies I just bought the car last week I know it’s an old set up I’m be holding the car for a long time and will change things gradually Ben c34 what needs work any recommendations as I don’t know which direction to go thanks
  9. Hi I just recently purchased a r33gtr and looking to get it tuned on 98 as I don’t want to go e85 I was hoping for 380kw atw on 98 do you guys thing it’s reliable to achieve this power with these old turbos mod list below Starting with r33 block, r33 crank with n1 oil pump, eagle rods,wiseco pistons, arp main studs,acl race bearings, tomei 260 deg pon cams, cometic head gasket. Trust t517z turbos wiyh trust hard pipe kit Trust race intercooler, hks dump pipes and 3in exhaust R33 twin synchro box with twin plate clutch. Sard fuel pump with 720cc injectors and billet fuel rail, Sard fuel pressure reg Brake vacuum chamber Apexi power fc with z32 airflow meters Trust boost controller, and turbo timer
  10. Dronell wheels 19/275/30 +20 offset all round not gutter rash or buckles some spokes have wear and tear $1800 ono
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