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  1. thread was screwed all the way on and it was pushing the brake itself in about 20mm. I'm yet to take it on a longer test drive but just around my street it went well and the wheels are no longer locked when the car is idle which is good. i'll update after another longer test drive but for now I'm trying to source a new clutch.
  2. Nah didn't pay anyone, i'm trying to resort to outsourcing jobs as a final resort. master cylinder is fine and all brakes are brand new. the plug was pushed in too far causing the brakes to constantly be pumped and on which must've been f**king with the vacuum pump for the brakes when driving by not letting them disengage. Never noticed it before because I had never driven it, but now the wheels aren't locked and can be pushed, and rolls forward/backward when riding whats left of the clutch. I'll keep posting as I clear these things out because this car has been full of really wild mods that could've only been done by crackheads, such as LED's spread through the car direct wired to the ignition barrel being constantly powered even when the cars off. I'm sure it'd make a good read.
  3. fortunately the brakes locking issue has been resolved. The plug that controls when the brake lights are on/off wasn't adjusted properly and it was causing the brakes to lock. The mystery of smoke coming from the engine hasn't been solved yet, but i'll update as I figure it out. could've been the clutch, brakes locking or an oil leak but right now I'm busy double checking the brake system. Will figure it out through the process of elimination considering that the clutch needs to be changed and I've just redone all the brakes.
  4. Hey everyone, I've got an R34 GTT manual turbo from an auction. The goal is to get it road registered in WA but I've ran into some issues and I need some help. I took it for a test drive today and the following happened: All 4 wheels/brakes siezed after driving approx 3km with no issues and an idle warm up. Smelt burning and saw smoke coming from engine bay, passenger side, but no drastic change in temp on gauges. never happened when idle testing. Idling poorly after driving Things that I know need to be fixed on the car prior to this happening: No immobilizer and a lot of loose wiring around the column (pictured) Fans and AC don't blow out Needs wheel allignment Needs new clutch, struggles going into gears etc. Needs new gearbox oil The plan was to get the immobilizer installed tomorrow but it now has to go to a mechanic to get these new issues fixed. I would be grateful for any ideas and advice.
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